Why TikTok Cracks Up At A ‘Margarita Karen’

Margarita Karen is the loser during the heated. TikTok videoOne viewer said that she was lucky to not have won a prize. “whooping” from her opponent — who commenters believe was ready to “drag” her. One TikTokker thinks Margarita is drunk. Others think her loss is embarrassing. “Always stay away from the ones wearing high heels”Ross shoppers receive wise advice from one person

Some people feel that they are able to empathize with shoppers when it comes personal space issues. “I don’t like strangers standing too close to me,”One replier states it makes them, while the other says it makes them. “mad.”Confusion is also common “Not gonna lie, I did not understand a single thing they were fighting about,”One commenter agrees.

Even though Ross Dress for Less has a staggering annual revenueTikTokkers mocked the company for $18.9 billion. One said no one “in their right mind”They would purchase food and drinks from them. Another replier question “who buys margarita mix at Ross?”Viewers also wondered why someone in the queue wearing ladybug print pants didn’t help. One even compared them. “The Wizard of Oz.”Miraculous Ladybug.” “She must be off duty,”Commenter

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