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Why masking up can protect NC from current, future COVID-19 variants

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Hospitals like UNC Health are once again feeling the strain of COVID-19 patients.

“We are stretched really thin on staffing,”Dr. Erica Pettigrew is a UNC public-health physician.

Pettigrew said maskingIt is important to have both vaccinated as well as unvaccinated people in order to relieve some of the pressure.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to head off a real disaster with our hospitals being overwhelmed,”Pettigrew.

Citing unpublished data, CDC stated earlier this weekInfected with the Delta variant, both vaccinated persons and those who aren’t have the same amount. virusThey have particles in their noses. It’s why they believe vaccinated people can spread COVID-19.

“CDC has a great track record when they’re basing their decision on preliminary data that maybe isn’t available quite yet to the general public,”Pettigrew.

But, should we just take their word for the data without seeing it ourselves?

“I wouldn’t want them to wait weeks or months until publication, If they know something that would keep us safer, they should come out and say it, then we see the data when it comes out,”Pettigrew.

Past studies have demonstrated this. maskingIt protects you as well as those around it. Double-layered, fitted masksThe most effective have been discovered. Pettigrew suggests slowing down the spread of infections. masksThis could also slow down the virus fromFurther mutations are possible.

“But I worry if we continue to have lot and lots of people going unvaccinated, we’re gonna end up with a variant that figures out possibly how to get around masks,”Pettigrew.

It’s why she and the CDC have both said vaccines are the permanent solution.

“Things may change again and they may change for the better or they may change for the worse and it all will depend on our actions now,”Pettigrew.

Duke lists the most effective, and the least effective faceCoverings

Duke Health researchers concluded that wearing a neck gaiter for facial coverings may be more harmful than not wearing one. The discovery was made by Duke Health. fromA study that examined the effectiveness and efficiency of 14 different products. faceCovers

Researchers repeated the phrase with a system that cost just a few hundred bucks. “Stay healthy, people” into a box.

The droplets were then tracked. from the speaker’s mouth. This was repeated for all 14 participants. masks.

It’s not surprising that the study found the following: face-covering the most effective way to reduce the amount expelled droplets from the speaker’s mouth were N95 masksWithout valves, followed by surgery masks. Face covers made of polycotton blocked 80 percent droplets.

The least effective method was double layer bandanas. maskAfterwards, you can use neck gaiters.

In order to increase effectiveness, masksThese numbers are ranked in the order shown below. The number in parenthesis corresponds the number given. masksSee the photo below.

Source: Duke Health
1. 1. mask2. Valved N95 Knitted, 4. ‘PolyProp’Apron made of 2-layers of polypropylene mask, 5. ‘Poly/Cotton’ Cotton-polypropylene-cotton mask6. ‘MaxAT’1-layer Maxima AT mask7. ‘Cotton2 ’2-layer cotton, pleated style mask8. ‘Cotton 4 ’2-layer cotton Olson style mask9. ‘Cotton3′ 2-layer cotton, pleated style mask, 10. ‘Cotton1’1-layer cotton, pleated design mask11. ‘Fleece’ Gaiter type neck fleece, 12. ‘Bandana’Double-layer bandana. ‘Cotton5′ 2-layer cotton, pleated style mask, 14. Fitted N95

N95 with no valve (14)Surgical (1)Poly/cotton masks(5)2-layer PolyProp apron mask(4)Swath2-layer cotton in pleated style (13)Valved NH95 (2)2-layer cotton Olson style mask(8)1 Layer Maxima AT mask(6) 1 layer cotton-pleated style maskPleated (102) Layers of Cotton mask(9)Knitted (3Double-layer Bandana (12).NoneNeck gaiter (11)

2 could be better than 1.

In February, CDC’s announced faceCovers protectNot only for those around you, but also for the wearer. They said protection is essential. canTwo pairs of shoes can make a big difference in your health. masksAccording to the new guidance,

A CDC study revealed that a significant number of people have had their operations. maskAlleine canOffer approximately 42-percent protection A cloth mask canOffer approximately 44-percent protection Wearing a cloth maskOver a surgical procedure mask canBlock 92-percent viral particles

UNC Chapel Hill conducted an experiment that led to the following:

Two surgical procedures masks15% more particles are blocked maskUse it over a cloth maskBlocks 10% More ParticlesCloth over a Surgical mask blocks 40% more particles

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