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Why is York teachers preferring N95 masks over surgical ones an issue?

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Three York Region District School Board teachers anonymously reported threats of discipline action for wearing N95. masksInstead of the board-provided surgery masksOntario Secondary School Teachers Federation supports you.

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“We applaud those school boards who are allowing staff to wear superior face masks and call on other boards to follow suit,”Karen Littlewood, president of the OSSTC, said part of it in an emailed statement on Thursday.

“If a member has concerns with the PPE provided by their employer, they are encouraged to contact their union representative for assistance.”

Meanwhile, Miguelo Licinio, a spokesperson for YRDSB, said in an emailed statement on Thursday he couldn’t “speak to individual cases, however for their health and safety and that of other staff and students all staff members are expected to wear the provided personal protective equipment as required by regulating authorities (in our case, the provincial government). The Board may employ progressive steps to ensure compliance with this and other provincial requirements to ensure the safety of everyone in our schools and classrooms.”

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Teachers claimed that they all paid for N95. masksCP24 was told by two workers who were unable to pay their dues that one was called in by an administrator to meet with their union rep, while the other was threatened with being suspended without pay for a day.

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All of them offered to do a board-supplied saline procedure. maskTheir N95 maskAs a compromise, they were told to not.

Caitlin Cleck, spokesperson for Education Ministry, stated that the following: “Ontario has implemented some of the most comprehensive masking policies for students and staff in the country. Local public health units have the authority to implement additional masking measures if local indicators require it.”

When Stephen Lecce was asked if he would allow teachers to wear N95, he replied that he did not know. masksNo response was received by press time to the request for surgical procedures that were being provided by the board.

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