“Who’s to Say What Had to Be Done”: Ronnie Coleman Disagreed With Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Criticism on Bodybuilding Sport ‘Suffering’Judgement Rules back in 2016

Ronnie Coleman’s bodybuilding history is something that only those who live under the rock would know. Winning the Mr. Olympia title for eight consecutive years is not child’s play, after all. He also won 26 IFBB titles. He is widely known as the G.O.A.T. in bodybuilding. Ronnie Coleman, a celebrity bodybuilder alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, is also a star.


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Although the bodybuilder has immense respect for his senior, Schwarzenegger, not each of his thoughts aligns with Arnold’s. One example is their views and opinions on modern bodybuilding. 


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Ronnie Coleman doesn’t agree with Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Bodybuilding was not Coleman’s first choice. He joined the Arlington police force at first, then switched to weightlifting and powerlifting. His bodybuilding career has taken a leap and reached its peak in no matter how fast. What is his opinion of the sport after all this experience?

His enthusiasm and dedication to lifting heavy weights was evident. Likewise, Arnold’s dominance in the bodybuilding world during his era is nothing unknown. However, they do not share the same ideas in modern bodybuilding. 

They were back in 2016 AdditionalAll six Arnold Classic events will have a new posing round. This additional round carries its own weight and is included in overall total. According to the seven-time Mr. Olympia champions, participants must weight their poses and body postures. 

Coleman believes otherwise. The muscle man also spoke out in an interview that year. 

The interviewee asked him if he agrees with Arnold’s opinions, to which he replied, “I don’t think the sport was necessarily suffering. I didn’t see where the sport was suffering or where the shows were bad so who’s to say what had to be done?

That said, Arnold did what he felt he had to do. I’m for anything that is going to improve the sport for sure so we’ll see this year if the changes will make the show and sport better,” Additional Coleman. 

He continued his speech and said that he was open to any sport that helps the sport grow. It is not about Arnold or Coleman, but about what’s benefiting bodybuilding and its participants. 

Coleman’s admiration for his senior


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The King’s respect and love for Arnold Schwarzenegger are noteworthy. During an interview, Coleman once spoke about Arnold’s extraordinary physique mentioning his enormous chest. 

Look at that shape look at that chest nobody got that even in the day,” said Arnold’s admirer Coleman. “He got the biggest chest ever and you see the head our stuff. Oh yeah, I look like a little boy standing next to him.


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Both bodybuilders faced their fair share of challenges. Even so, they didn’t lose track and hung on to it till they became successful. 

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