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What happens if I refuse to wear a mask on a flight?

DENVER (KDVR) — If you don’t want to wear a maskFlying is a great way to save money. faceYou could be fined thousands of dollars. For air and ground travel, masks are required

If you don’t comply with the maskTransportation Security Administration has stated that the penalties for first-time offenders will face $5000-$1000 in fines and second-offenders will face $1000-$3000 in fines. In some circumstances, the Federal Aviation Administration can propose up to $37,000 per violation for unruly passenger cases.

The TSA extended its orders maskWearing requirements for ground and air travel until January 18th 2022, or earlier in the year.

Denver flight diverted after passenger assaults flight attendant

Are there exceptions?

Yes, TSA exempts travelers under 2 years of age and people with disabilities who can’t wear a uniform. maskWearing a garment that is unsafe or not allowed to be worn maskBecause of the definitions of disability and the Americans with Disabilities Act. maskWorkplace safety guidelines or federal regulations would determine if there is a risk to worker health, safety, and job duties.

More than 3500 maskSince the beginning of the year, the FAA has reported incidents.

Credit: Federal Aviation Administration

According to President Joe Biden’s Executive Order, fines were doubled for those who are not in compliance with the maskRequirement

President Biden’s Executive Order, Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel, directed applicable agencies to take action to require maskYou can wear a hat in airports or on certain modes of public transport, such as on many planes, trains, and intercity buses.

TSA has extended its implementing orders for air and ground travel through January 18th, 2022, and the President’s plan will double fines for those who are not in compliance. The President’s plan will also ensure that masking requirements remain in place on the other modes of transportation as we continue to battle COVID-19.


Infringing the maskRequirements can lead to fines up to thousands of dollars. Here are some fines passengers received in this year’s FAA report:

$42,000 against a passenger on a May 16, 2021, jetBlue Airways flight from Queens,  N.Y., to San Francisco, Calif., for allegedly interfering with crewmembers after failing to comply with the facemask mandate; making non-consensual physical contact with another passenger; throwing a playing card at a passenger and threatening him with physical harm; making stabbing gestures towards certain passengers; and snorting what appeared to be cocaine from a plastic bag, which the cabin crew confiscated. The passenger became increasingly aggressive and the crew provided flex cuffs, ice mallets and other equipment to ensure safety on the flight. The flight diverted to Minneapolis in Minnesota, where law enforcement removed her from the aircraft. $29,000 against a jetBlue Airways passenger who allegedly interfered with crewmembers following refusal to comply with the facemask directive. She also shouted obscenities and bumped into a sitting passenger on her way towards the lavatory. She punched the passenger in her face when the seated passenger protested. faceThe aircraft was met at the gate by law enforcement. The aircraft was met by law enforcement at the gate. $19,000 against a passenger of an American Airlines flight from Miami to Nashville on February 11, 2021. He was accused of interfering after refusing to adhere to the facemask directive; pushing another flight attendant with his hip; and for allegedly interfering after failing to comply. $17,530 against a jetBlue Airways passenger on an April 16, 2021 flight from San Diego to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. for allegedly vaping on the plane; and for drinking alcohol that was not served by the airline. At the gate, law enforcement met him. $17,000 against a Republic Airlines passenger who allegedly interfered with crewmembers after they failed to comply with the facial mask mandate. The aircraft returned from the gate, and she was removed. $13,000 against a Frontier Airlines passenger who refused to comply to the facemask directive on a Jan 29th, 2021 flight from San Diego, Calif. to Las Vegas, Nev. He was accused of interfering in flight crewmembers’ work and drinking alcohol that was not provided to him. $10,500 against an Endeavor Airlines passenger on April 2, 2021 flight from Atlanta, Ga. to Jackson, Miss. He was also accused of fighting with flight attendants after walking into the lavatory with the seatbelt sign on. He also behaved as if his hand were a gun and made a gesture. “pew, pew”He made a loud noise, as if he were shooting at another passenger. After the doors had closed, but before pushback from the gate, the captain repeatedly pushed the call button. When the captain responded, the flight attendant gestured at the PA system, and he responded with nonsensical babble. He then refused to deplane, which resulted in the removal of all passengers from the aircraft.$9,000 against a passenger on a Feb. 18, 2021, Alaska Airlines flight from Denver, Colo., to Seattle, Wash., for allegedly interfering with flight crewmembers after refusing to comply with the facemask mandate; hiding a flight attendant’s jacket under his seat; punching the aircraft window; and punching a tray table. He was removed from the aircraft by airport police in Kentucky. Airport police removed him from his aircraft in Kentucky. $9,000 against a Delta Air Lines passenger on a February 21, 2021, United Airlines flight, from San Francisco, Calif. to Houston, Texas. He allegedly interfered with flight crewmembers by refusing to wear a facemask and shouting at other passengers during a maintenance diversion in Arizona. $9,000 against a United Airlines passenger on a January 29, 2021 flight, from Denver, Colo. to Flagstaff, Ariz. Law enforcement met him at his gate. $9,000 against an Endeavor Airlines passenger who allegedly interfered with crewmembers following a violation of the facemask mandate. maskGround personnel escorted him from the flight after he returned at the gate. Ground personnel escorted the passenger off the flight after he refused to comply with the facemask directive.

Some airlines stated that passengers would be kicked off their flights if they didn’t follow the instructions. maskRequirement

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