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GQ, capitalism’s inescapable reach, has flooded me with more choices than I could possibly (or ethically) consume. We get it, guy. That’s why we’ve done our best to break it all down in an easily digestible—though admittedly still-daunting—list in the hopes that you’ll land on the right one for you. Whether you’re after an Arctic-level insulated jacketA lightweight, but weatherproof parka, a heavy duty peacoat or lush and Luxurious topcoat, we’ve got the right stuff to keep you toasty and dry from now through March (or April…or May…sighs fitfully). Here are a dozen essential outerwear styles—and the best versions of each to buy right now.

The Best Winter Outerwear, at a Glance

We warned you: there are many coats on the market. These are the best, each chosen from the great selection below. 

The Puffer Jacket

A great puffer means utility, sure—it’s the jacket you’ll reach for on the crappiest, bone-chilling-est days of winter. You can fill them with real goose down filling, or synthetic insulation such as Primaloft. This keeps your skin warm and away from the cold. Technical stuff aside, it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style to wear one. Beyond the sleeping-bag-like coats of your youth, there’s a whole universe of sleek and shapely puffers out there for the coldest of times. Whether you take your cues from A$AP Rocky’s streetwear vibe or George Costanza’s normcore aesthetic is entirely up to you.

Uniqlo 3D seamless-cut parka

The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse jacket

Entire Studios SOA down jacket

The Trench Coat

Given that they were originally designed to keep British army officers warm and dry in the dark, dank trenches of World War I (hence the name), we’re pretty sure these classic coats will be able to handle most anything a wet February day in the city might throw your way. These days, however, Trench coats come in an endless range of cuts and fabrics—single or double-breasted? Beaded or not? Water-repellent cotton gabardine or waterproof Gore-Tex?—but the end result is always the same: you’ll look elegant as hell in one, whether it’s tossed on over a suit or a simple tee and jeans.

London Fog’s iconic trench coat

MFPEN x Throwing Fits large shell trench coat

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Tartan padded overcoat made of recycled-fiber

Burberry Kensington trench coat

The Topcoat

Do you remember the old joke about the Inuit having 50 words for “snow”? (Apparently, it’s true.) That’s sort of the deal with Topcoats. Call ‘em an overcoat or a great coat, a balmacaan or a chesterfield. The list goes on forever. Each of those distinct styles varies slightly, but they’re bound by a common denominator: they’re long and tailored from a warm, dense fabric—generally wool or cashmere—and will keep you looking and feeling all-business in the faceYou can wear it even in the coldest temperatures. Toss it over a hoodie or even a suit, or when the weather is somewhat mild, over a T-shirt and jeans like you’re dashing from Gate to gateLAX

Todd Snyder Italian boucle double-breasted topcoat

Allsaints “Leo”Leopard print coat

COS double-breasted herringbone coat

The Duffle Coat

Beloved by generations of great Brits—from Winston Churchill to Paddington Bear—the duffle coat, with its heavy melton wool body and charming toggle closures, feels more relevant right now than it has in ages. The duffle coat is rugged and rustic but can be made more sophisticated by adding the right details. Layer one with a chunky turtleneck, some horsebit loafers and you can lean into its preppy energy. Raf Simons FW11Wear one with your leather-strengthest pants.

Harris Wharf London boiled wool dufflecoat

Monitaly Mackinaw double-duffle coat

Original Montgomery duffle coat

Andersson Bell toggle coat

The Parka

You likely owned a surplus store. Parka in high school, and the appeal remains the same: they’re big, they’re tough, they look killer with everything from thrashed jeans and boots to flannel trousers and brogues to cargoes and trail runners. Parkas come with hoods by nature. The rest is just a matter of personal preference. They can be filled up with down insulation, or they can be left empty and light enough to fit into a bag. They can be buttoned up or pulled over. You can get them with a furry or detachable hood. There are many ways to slice it and you couldn’t easily mess it up.

Everlane The Renew long parka

Banana Republic down parka

Engineered Garments nylon ripstop jacket

The Peacoat

The peacoat is a classic men’s wear staple. It was originally made for the US Navy and was worn once by Steve McQueen (devilishly). They’re usually made with a dense, super thick Melton wool fabric which is great at keeping the wind out. They’re also usually double breasted and sit just below the butt. A slim pair of jeans is a good idea, with a little flare if desired.), Shoes that have been worn down, and the collar popped to maximize the ’70s Robert Redford energy.

L.L. Bean authentic wool peacoat

Double-breasted shearling-lined suede peacoat by Yves Salomon

Buzz Rickson navy peacoat

Private White V.C. Double-breasted Melton wool peacoat

The Car Coat

No driver’s license necessary. Car coats are a great way to add texture and flow to winter outfits thanks to their long, drapey silhouettes.

Herno brushed wool, cashmere-blend coat for cars

Officine Générale car coat

The Camel Coat

There’s something instantly elevating about a perfect camel coat. They’ve been around for over a century at this point, but that golden tan tone still stands apart when you step out into a sea of dowdy black and gray overcoats. Though they originated as literal camel’s wool, the style has become more synonymous with the light tan color itself. That’s a great thing because camel wool is pricey stuff, so opting for a camel-colored option in a more conventional wool can save you some serious change without sacrificing the uptown looks. It’s sophisticated, it’s striking, it works with every skin tone. And it’s high time you tried one yourself.

J.Press x Todd Snyder – Spectator coat

Max Mara Madame Icon coat

Reiss Perridoe wool blend shirt coat

Schott NYC wool blend officer’s coat

The Raincoat

If you’re smarter than we are and live somewhere with temperate climes all year long, then, first off: Why are you reading this article? A nice light is a second option. Raincoat. Raincoats are a very broad category these days. They can be as simple as a trench or as rugged as a GoreTex-laden anorak. They can even be a lightweight outer shell that can get you by when the rain isn’t so intense. That’s good news if, for some reason, you thought that waterproof coats were boxed in to a single style. These are just a few to consider.

Snow Peak light-packable rain jacket

Columbia Watertight II jacket

Filson Swiftwater rainshell jacket

The Flight Jacket

Trends aside, bomber jacketsThey have fallen a lot from their height in the mid-2010s. If you ask us, that’s a great thing: these jackets are as authentic and timeless as it gets, and they’re all the more appealing when every third goober at the bar isn’t wearing one. The jackets were originally designed to keep pilots warm at high altitudes. High-quality jawnz will have knit cuffs, premium shearling and leather, as well as tough hardware. But you’d be surprised with how good some of the more affordable options can be.

Alpha Industries MA-1slim fit jacket

Everlane The Bomber jacket

Landing Leathers A-2 leather flight jacket jacket

Mr. P. shearling flight jacket

The Fleece Jacket

Fleece jackets aren’t blowing up on your Instagram feed just because they’re cute and cozy (for the record, they are cute and cozy). There’s real utility to the fluffy stuff: when Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard first began making clothing from the fabric in the ‘70s, it was because he was enamored by its combination of durability, lightness, warmth, and washability. (They’Recommend the Wool Coat 2. Who wants to have to take their wool coat to the dry cleaners? You can layer it over a hoodie in the city or under a shell jacket on a snowy trail, and it’ll never steer you wrong. And, yeah, they’re pretty darn cute, too.

Patagonia classic Retro-X fleece jacket

Uniqlo outer fleece jacket windproof

Carhartt WIP Prentis coat

The Wax Jacket

Longtime fans of The Crown, this one’s for you. Waxed cotton hunting jackets are beloved by British royalty as well as Brooklyn cool guys. They look like raw denim jeans for the torso. The longer you wear them, they will look better. And given that they’re hardy enough to keep you safe and sound from the elements and re-waxable ad infinitum, we guarantee you’ll be wearing yours for a very, very long time.

Flint and Tinder waxed trucker jacket with flannel lining

Belstaff Trialmaster waxed cotton jacket

Mackintosh Norfolk waxed coat with water repellent

Barbour Bedale wax jacket

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