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This top-rated face shield makes double masking easy—and it’s on sale at Amazon

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It’s clear. (Photo: Clarity Mask/Instagram).

Face shieldsSince the outbreak of the pandemic, they have enjoyed a loyal following. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends their use, but not without consulting a physician. face maskBelow are a few people who swear. face shieldsProvide next-level protection

There’s a new type of face shield that’s specially designed to protect your nose and mouth—and it’s perfect for double masking. It’s the Clarity Mask. face shieldAmazon has it at $25 right now

Get rid of all preconceived notions. face shields—this is completely different. The Clarity Mask is made of clear silicone and fits snugly over your nose and across your cheeks. The Clarity Mask is secured by folding earpieces, which slip on and off your ears like glasses. There’s no elastic to fiddle with and no messing with your hairstyle—just slip it on over your maskNow you are good to go.

Clarity Mask is also incredibly lightweight—it basically floats on top of your face—making it easy and comfortable to wear over your go-to mask. The maskIt is also very easy to clean.

Double masking couldn't be easier thanks to this tool. (Photo: Amazon)

This tool makes double masking easy. (Photo: Amazon

The Clarity Mask is loved and praised by reviewers. “It is comfortable to wear and did not fog up my glasses,”One fan wrote. Another gave Clarity Mask props to show how easy it is for them to use. “I can put it on and remove it just like a pair of glasses,”The fan agreed.

A fellow five-star reviewer joked that it was like “walkin’ the runway”When wearing the maskIt’s a common question in New York City. “I get stopped about three or four times in a 30 minute span…. NO JOKE!”They wrote.

Again, the Clarity mask alone does not meet the CDC criteria for a protective mask. faceCoverage. If you want to increase the life of your favorite disposable, or if you are looking for a stress-free and comfortable way to do so, masksIt’s a good idea.

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Show that smile. (Photo: Amazon)

Show your smile. (Photo: Amazon

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