Face Shield

This fog-resistant transparent face shield provides ergonomic comfort for sustained wear in the new normal

The SafeSpace Shield is a super-secure, sealed, and extremely comfortable all day. face shieldThis intuitive method increases your personal protection from pathogens without any fogging. This intuitive face shieldThis product is engineered with precision and is made for front-line workers such as teachers, students, teachers, workers, and other people who often come in contact with multiple people.

Designer: Intellisafe

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The future of the pandemic is uncertain and will only get worse. We cannot afford to leave anything to chance. The pandemic has weakened our resolve to fight the panic-inducing scenario we faced in 2020. We are now able to accept the fact that face masksAnd shieldsThey are here to be a way for life. The face shieldSafeSpace Shield has been the first line for defense against COVID-19 in frontline workers’ hands, and it will continue to do so. Now that we’ve realized how important it actually is, SafeSpace Shield comes into the picture with a faceThe protector is almost like a second layer of skin and protects from pathogens.

The core idea of the SafeSpace Shield and the initial development of the product germinated from a random meeting with a Johnson & Johnson executive who wanted a practical solution that didn’t have the irks other faceProtectors are made with. SafeSpace Shield created using injection molding process is made to the exact specifications with the full-membrane Airtight Tecoflex Seal that’s lab tested for comfort and longevity of constant use.

The developers designed a four-point attachment to keep the seal in place. It can be adjusted according to ergonomic comfort. To combat the common side effect of sealing, the face shieldThe filter has an antifog coating to allow for clear views of the outside, even when you are breathing deeply. The locking mechanism secures the filter in place by keeping it in the filter carrier.

Unlike other options on the market that have their own set of advantages and shortcomings – the SafeSpace Shield has all the valued features and does away with the things that have not been liked by users over time. It has the full faceView of an open face shieldWhile having a full-time job,faceSeal of an air-purifying respirator powered by electricity. The design is lightweight and has four points that attach to the neck and head. Most importantly, the distance between the hem and the neck is important. shieldFrom the faceThese glasses are ideal for people who have glasses. The custom eyeglass insert kit included in the package makes it easy to put on your glasses while you are wearing them.

We have our neighbors vaccinated and safe by working with COVID-19 regionally. We are unable to provide assistance for the frontline workers who are fighting the pandemic. SafeSpace Shield understands this feeling – to give to make the world a safer space by choosing to donate a shieldA discounted rate for a frontline worker in a developing nation. The project aims to help the world with every step you take – making the protectors of the world safe while they fight the good fight.

It is clear that the SafeSpace Shield, a mindful solution, is what we have all been waiting for. faceWhen out in public, protection is an integral part of daily life. The design is comfortable and features advanced anti-fogging technology. face shieldIt’s hard to pass up. Top that off with the non-obstructive view, and we are talking of a winning product design that will be a staple in everyone’s daily life. The advanced version is currently in development face shield is up on Kickstarter for an early bird price tag of $249 –saving you $51 on the MSRP. The essential accessory will ship worldwide beginning March 2022. You can now order one.

Click Here to Order Now: $249$300 (51 percent off). Grab your chance to save this deal while you can.

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