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The Leon County School District lets parents opt-out of masking — no medical excuse required

Leon County School District has eliminated its maskStudents in grades PreK-8th must comply with these requirements. Leon Superintendent Rocky Hanna says he’s following through on his promise to parents to revisit the policy when positivity rates fell.

The decision comes after the district was found to be violating the state’s ban on mandatory maskParents were not allowed to opt out of the policy. Parents had to provide a medical excuse. Hanna believes that the district is likely still in violation state law despite the changes. maskRules, because they are still necessary faceCovers for children who are exposed to COVID and would otherwise have been quarantined

“We think we took a big step a couple of weeks ago when we eliminated the quarantine and keeping our kids in school. My principles and I strongly believe you should be exposed to this. virusThat is what we require. masksHanna stated that Hanna allowed the quarantine period to continue for the length of what would otherwise have been the quarantine, which is in violation with the emergency rule.

The state recently relaxed rules on student quarantines—requiring them only for children who’ve tested positive for the virusSymptoms. Students must have a negative PCR (rapid test) before they can return school. Leon requires a negative rapid test or doctor’s recommendation. The district does not accept rapid tests.

The decision was made to lift the face maskBecause Hanna has the authority to make safety and health-related decisions, policies didn’t require a vote by the board. Roseanne Wood was the only board member to vote against lifting the policy. maskMandatory. The board members are becoming weary of the mandate. maskBattle, which pitted parents against their parents, and board members against parents, and the state against the district.

“I feel like it’s becoming a power struggle,”Alva Striplin.

“Parents will still make those same choices, equipped with the opportunity to take advantage of that, and those who will not, will not,” said Darryl Jones. “I am ready to move on…I’m ready to talk about how we’re going to respond to these headlines.”

These headlines include an increase of guns being found in schools and a rise on disciplinary issues. Leon was removed from a state lawsuit. masks failed. Leon is one of six districts that are suing to invalidate a Department of Health ruling giving parents sole authority over opting out of masking. The districts say the rule oversteps the department’s authority.

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