The HODINKEE Father’s Day Watch Lookbook

Being a father can make a big difference in your outlook on life. My daughter is named Lola – a combination of her late grandmothers Lorraine and Layla. She’s almost four years-old, very spunky, has a point of view, picks her clothes and eats what we give her. She is slowly becoming a human being.
Today I brought my ceramic Daytona white dial. It’s my everyday watch. I don’t have a lot of watches. It’s small, but it’s powerful. Watches are a very broad area of interest. I prefer archetypes when it comes to collecting watches. Rolex’s archetype chronograph is the Daytona.
The Vacheron-Constan chronograph was a great choice for the photo shoot. It features a manual wind back and a transparent front. It’s just an example of a very basic feature that has been made as beautiful and precise as possible.
Rexhepi, the grail watch maker, is the one I admire most. He makes the same decisions that I would with a watch. He is a young master, and it is a good time to be following him. I would love to have one of his timepieces.

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