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The FiiT face-mask is turning the protective medical device into a customizable fashion accessory

The FiiT can be matched with a watch, tie, and cufflinks to match a suit or shoes and purse to match a dress. mask’s design features swappable parts, components, and accents that let you basically make your maskAn extension of your outfit for the day.

Even though we’re pretty much turning the corner on this pandemic, the reality for most of the world is that masksThese are an outdoor essential. These are not only designed to protect against diseases, but also to help with worsening air quality, wildfire smoking, and allergens. face masks have found themselves as a standard part of people’s outfits in countries in the east, and are slowly permeating the zeitgeist in western countries… although one problem remains. Those blue surgical masks aren’t doing anyone any favors, strictly aesthetically speaking.

Designers: Flavien Hello & Matthieu Lecuyer

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The FiiT explains how spectacles, walking sticks, and other medical aids became fashion accessories. maskThe goal is to transcend the face-mask’s clinical nature, turning it into a fashion accessory that’s comfortable to wear – while obviously still doing a good job of filtering the air you breathe. The mask’s design can easily be separated into its two halves – its appearance, and its performance. On the visual front, there are two halves to’s design: its appearance and its performance. maskIt has a soft, stiff design that is reminiscent of soft-shell bags. This is in contrast to the thin, pleated fabric designs found on disposables. masks, the FiiT’s maskYou will feel great! faceRespecting and accentuating the contours of your body, without ever pressing against your nose or mouth, is how you should act. The maskThis 3-part infinitely-replaceable design includes a headtrap, an outer cover (with valve) and then an 8-ply NANO replacement filter sandwiched between these two. The two are held together by metal studs at the sides that give the FiiT it’s punkish aesthetic.

FiiT lets your choose all aspects of your life mask’s design, letting you mix and match different straps, accents, studs, and even allowing you to explore colors and prints on the front cover. Just as how you match an outfit, choosing a hoodie, jeans, and sneakers that go together as an ensemble, the FiiT’s design lets you build out your maskYou can change it whenever you like. Even though it is a mask comes with multiple custom parts, it weighs less than 40g (that’s less than your spectacles), and the FiiT’s technical fabrics prioritize breathability, so you aren’t constantly adjusting the maskYou can either take it off or play with it throughout the day.

8 layers of filtering to protect you against fine particles and nanoparticles as well as pollens and bacteria, viruses, gases and odors.

Between the two of them, you can sit. mask’s two outer parts is its replaceable NANO Filtration® fabric, an 8-ply filter that traps up to 99.91% of air pollutants, giving you crisp, clean air for anywhere between 6-12 weeks before needing to be replaced. Working on a microscopic level, the filter’s patented R-PUR technology is the first in the world to protect you from nanoparticles as small as 20 nanometres. The filter is accompanied by the FiiT’s valve system, which sits on the front cover. The valve is equipped with a twist to activate system. It can be closed, forcing exhaled oxygen to pass through the filter. This is useful on smaller aircraft and in smaller environments. Or, it can be opened to allow you to freely exhale warm air. mask’s breathability by up to 300%. Finally, the FiiT comes with an app that measures the air quality of your surroundings, constantly calculating your filter’s efficacy with time. Depending on the air quality you’re breathing, the app can tell you when to replace filters, so you’re always breathing the freshest air possible, and you never end up throwing a clean filter before it actually needs replacing.

The FiiT is from R-PUR. They debuted the Nano. maskThe company, which was founded in 2016 to help cyclists or fitness enthusiasts breathe clean and fresh air, has sold over 60.000 units. masksSince its launch. R-PUR advocates a fashion-led approach to utility with the FiiT. The masksBalance key features such as comfort, reusability and 99.91% filtration with a highly customizable design that allows the wearer to choose what kind of support they want. mask they want to wear… because if masksthey are here to stay, so the least we can is look past that boring (and mildly trigger) surgical blue. mask.

Click Here to Buy Now: $80.10 $149 (46% off for YD readers with coupon code “YANKOFIIT“). Hurry! Sale ends Nov 24.

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