The 29 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $100

All the best stuff at a fraction of the price

We know, we know: “Valentine’s Day was invented by Hallmark to sell cards!!” But this year, take a breath, log off Twitter, and accept the fact that Valentine’s Day is happening whether you like it or not—so you might as well embrace it. Now, if you’re griping because it feels like you just spent your entire life savings on gifts for the holidays, and now it seems like you’ve got to drop another rent check on a gift for your SO on a made-up holiday, chill! There are plenty of Valentine’s Day presents to be found for under a Benjamin that are… thoughtful! Cute! Sexy! Significantly more romantic than the 1998 motion picture You’ve Got Mail!!

The key to a great Valentine’s Day gift idea is that it’s gotta be something that shows you care; something that shows you tried; something that shows you’ve been paying attention as your special someone talks you through the finer points of this season of Love Island. A gift should say, “I love you even with that, um, adventurous new haircut,”And “Yes, dear, I don’t think homebrewing is nerdy at all, and I fully support you putting a five-cubic-foot chest freezer in the middle of our railroad apartment.” And, while a gift like that may seem like a tall order, we’ve got a lil’ secret for you. You can get a perfect V-Day gift for under $100, no matter what kind of boo is the lucky recipient, or whether you’ve been dating them for two hours or two decades. 

Class Rings

From unique bouquets of flowers (and Garfields) to puffy slippers, non-alcoholic aperitifs, and milk frothers, these awesome and affordable Valentine’s Day presents are just what the love doctor ordered. 

Slippers for him and hers made of puffer slippers

What, did you expect us not to let you and boo walk to the corner grocery in regular shoes. Who’s got time for laces? It’s cold outside, and y’all deserve a veritable puffer jacket for those sweet piggy toes. These Hunter house slippers are perfect for him with their clever fold-down heels. “awesome”And “the most comfortable slippers I have ever bought”Five-star reviews


Men’s Puffer Slipper

And for her, these faux fur-lined, cushy Sorel slippies have tons of support, a high-grip rubber sole so you won’t wipe out, and a nylon top to keep feet toasty and dry.


Go Bodega Run Slipper

If you identify with Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s torrid love…

… you may know that MGK proposed to his dream girl with A ring embellished with thorns. (Also, please keep this to yourself, as our timelines can only take so much. But between you and your eternal love, love doesn’t have to be so painful, though it can still be a little… edgy. The sterling silver Barb Wire Ring from The Silver Stone, a unisex piece is not as cheesy as a Pandora heart necklace.

The Silver Stone

The Barb Wire Ring

Sweet dreams are possible with this (literally).

Who knows what your lover sees as they close their eyes? Well, give them Lunya’s washable silk weighted sleep maskIt could be a Fabio-fronted romance novel. Also a great gift for a partner who always complains that your curtains aren’t adequately blackout.


Washable Silk Weighted Night Mask

Give your SO a break

If you want to give men undies, why not stick with the tried-and true best? Calvin Klein classic trunks  in addition to being eternally 90s-sexy, are made with breathable, ultra-soft cotton that will caress and nurture your SO’s junk—even when you’re not there to do so—or just refresh his supply if his boxers are looking a little ratty.

Calvin Klein

Core Plus Cotton Classics (5 Pack)

They can also get very rich from their own supply

Is there anything more Valentine-y that a bath with your SO Negatory—unless you pop some Lord JonesYou can also add CBD bath salts to it. This blend includes calendula flowers and arnica, along with Epsom salts and Himalayan pink sea salts. It also contains 240 mgs potent CBD. Even those who don’t like to smoke will appreciate this soak.

Lord Jones

Bath Salts with High CBD Formula

Or, if you want to skip the bath and get right to the V-Day ~vibes~, opt for a squirt of Standard Dose’s CBD tincture, which one of our editors takes on the reg (and loves). “Standard Dose is the first retailer I’ve visited that made me feel like I found my people,”She writes. “After about 15 minutes, it just felt like someone took away the gongs from the anxiety monkeys in my brain.”  

Standard Dose

CBD Tincture

Every day should be a spa day

Everyone claims they know how California is bottled, but the wellness brand says otherwise. Bathing CultureThis actually comes pretty close to reliving the feeling of being lost in a Bay Area redwood forest while you watch your friend smoke a bong. Their herbaceous, biodegradable soaps are free of any preservative chemicals or coloring. The hydrosol spray is infused with dawn-harvested Moroccan rose flowers and Moroccan neroli. All of these goodies are separately priced at $110, but the Get Wet Starter Set bundle offers all of them for only $110. ‘em to you for $94. Swooooon.

Bathing Culture

Get Wet Bathing Culture Starter Set

A sober night in that’s still sexy

Are you looking for a V-Day that is alcohol-free? Let us introduce ourselves to Ghia, the earthy, refreshing, non-alcoholic aperitif that we can’t stop sipping, mixing, and talking our friends’ ears off about. This stuff is loved by one of our editors, and she loves writing about it. “If you frequent cocktail bars and enjoy anything in the Campari-fernet family, Ghia may very well be the non-alcoholic aperitif for you.” Ghia’s Le Works gift set comes with a bottle of the lovely bev, plus a mini panettone from Sicilian bakery Settepani, a jar of “Ghianduja” chocolate-hazelnut spread, and an ultra-rad tin box that you’ll keep knicknacks in forever.


Le Works Apéritif Kit

Tip those nips

Rhinestone nipple covers can make a wonderful V-Day gift. Yes. Yes. Now that your eyes have feasted upon these Collina Strada beauties, and your mind has imagined what they’d look like on your beauty, Valentine’s Day will never be complete without them. Stop, drop, cop.

Collina Strada

Rhinestone Nipple Covers

Forever bubbly

These gorgeous glasses are crafted by Jorge Elias Martinez in Tonala, Mexico, from recycled glass that’s then melted down and hand-blown by artisans into their new form. They are stronger and more robust than standard bubbly glasses. A set of these glasses is a great gift idea for your SO. They can be used to help you a) sip more Champagne and b), feel even better while you drink it.

Jorge Elias Martinez

Hand Blown Blue Glass Champagne Flutes (Set)

… and a three-bottle rosé subscription

We’re not barbarians—of course we’re not sending you to V-Day date night without a quarter-case of rosé! But, why stop on Valentine’s Day when you could set your honey up with three bottles of delicious, natural wine each month with the gift of a subscription to Dry Farm Wines? (And, they’ll need someone to share the wine with, which will likely be you, Devon—if you’re lucky.) 

Dry Farm Wines

Monthly Natural Wine Subscription (3 Bottles)

Your heart-shaped box,

This ass-happy pleasure package, appropriately named “V-Day to A Day”, will transform V-Day from A-Day “Booty Nights.”It comes from Unbound BabesOne of our favourite new sex toys is. It contains Shimmy, which is a medium-sized vibrating buttplug that allows for hands-free stimulation; Gem, which is a sleek, curved and dual-ended glass diildo that one editor swears by; and JellyThis lovely water-based lube is perfect for condoms and toys. Enjoy, lovebirds.

Unbound Babes

Booty Nights

Another top V-day gift for expanding your sex toy arsenal: Lovehoney’s Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit. It comes with vibrators, anal toys, cock rings, anal beads, a slimline butt plug, a textured masturbator, and jiggle balls—which means you won’t have to get into a debate over what to have for V-Day dinner, since you’ll be too busy getting busy. 


Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit (11 Piece)

Say “I love you”Your SO and our National Parks 

Loving our National Parks is a year-round activity, of course, but if your SO is an outdoorsy type, they’ll love the double-whammy of a gift that a) rocks, and b) supports the Parks ProjectThe organization has donated nearly $1.5 million to preserve parklands. It focuses on education, advocacy and volunteerism to preserve and preserve the land for future generations. Maybe your lover would look dashing in an oily olive “Escape to Nature” sweatshirt? Or maybe they’re more of a crew neck person—if so, the “Tree Hugger”It is adorable, and the heart logo for V-Day is on-theme. 

REI Co-op

Parks Project Escape to Nature Parks Hoodie

REI Co-op

Parks Project Tree Huggers Crew Sweatshirt

Do you remember giving them clothes last Christmas? But, do you want something that will remind them of their favorite National Park? This Tray of Personalized Topography for National Parks will fit perfectly on your Valentine’s upcycled coffee table, and you can make it truly personal by adding your SO’s name, date, and even a star on their favorite landmark. 


Personalized National Park Topography Tray

For the plant parent that you love  

The gift of Life? There’s no beating that on V-Day. This elegant white orchid from The Sill is more than an aesthetically pleasing present—it’s a symbol. This is a symbol of the life you and your significant other will grow and nurture together. You only need to water it once or twice a week, so it is not too hard.

Electric blankets are amazing

They aren’t just something for your aunt who collects the syrups from IHOP to keep in her basement. They’re also a great V-Day gift for your lovable, discerning, Always Cold Person who wants to come home, plug in, and tune out on the couch with a blanket that feels like a cashmere-wrapped sun. One of our editors tested a Sunbeam Electric Blanket, and said the brand’s electric Sherpa throwsThese are her winter staples “they’re affordable, they turn off automatically so you don’t have to worry about burning down your apartment, and they make your winter wind-down routine so much more relaxing.”


Reversible heated Sherpa Throw blanket with automactic timer

For the partner who is more passionate about their pet than you are (which is fine).

Look, there’s a reason why dogs are man/woman/person’s best friend; they love unconditionally, they’re fiercely loyal, and they don’t talk. We get it, and we know there’s no better way to a person’s heart than through incessantly complimenting their pet—which is why a custom sweatshirt emblazoned with an embroidered image of their furry homie is always an A+ gift choice. 


Custom Embroidered Pet Hoodie

A super-sharp chef’s knife

If there’s one thing every home cook needs, it’s a super-sharp, all-purpose knife for making easy, precise cuts, slices, and chops. The MUNCHIESTeam loves Misen‘s minimalist-cool, always-precise chef’s knife, and there’s something both practical and slightly psychosexual-hot about giving your partner a knife as a gift. 

For serious froyo heads

If you’ve never dated someone with an extreme ice cream addiction, well, then, I guess you’ve never dated me. And while constantly hitting the scoop shop can be fun, making your own ice cream and frozen yogurt isn’t only DIY-money-saving, it’s also a real cute couples’ activity. Cuisinart’s 1.5-quart ice cream maker has almost 17,000 five-star reviews, with happy buyers praising its user-friendliness, smart features, and ability to churn out perfect stuff every time.  


Cuisinart 1.5 Quart Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Maker

The Michelin-starred tasting menu for truffles

There’s a generic box of cheap milk chocolate that you clearly picked up at CVS the day of—which, uh, thought that counts?—and then there’s VosgesThe best truffles are made by, and the Prima Mateeria collection is the most popular. Other high-end fillings for this set include Bronte pistoio, with Yaupon and marzipan, and Armenian apricot with pink peppercorn, lemon verbena, white chocolate, and Armenian apricot with pink peppercorn and lemon verbena. This is art, people.


Prima Materia Chocolate Truffle Collection

For the boo who claims that every season of iced coffee is iced.

There is a special highly committed segment of the population for whom cold brew is a daily must-have, whether they’re waking up to the merciless August sun or an incoming blizzard warning. OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker has been a hit with this segment. It is a highly-rated and highly-recommended product.  


Good Grips Cold-Brew Coffee Maker

…Or for the latte lords… 

If you’ve been anywhere near coffee TikTok lately, you’ve probably noticed that personal milk frothers are highly coveted mini appliances of the moment. And for good reason; there’s nothing quite like a frothy cappuccino topped with the ideal head of creamy foam. Just don’t blame us if your beloved starts making ‘Toks when you gift them Kalork’A solid five-star Bartista Automatic Milk Frother.


Automatic Milk Frother Bartista

For the crystal queens who always know your horoscope… 

Alright, so not all of us understand why we’re supposed to be charging certain stones under the full moon or whatever—but one thing we can all agree on is that it feels really nice to put cold, smooth stuff on your faceThis is where you will find the vibey rose quartz maskThis is where it comes in. It does not make any promises about your life or the fates of the planets. But it does reduce puffiness, dark circles, headaches, and makes you feel better after a night out. Plus, it’ll last way longer than cucumber slices. 


Eternant Rose Quartz Cold Therapy Anti Aging Eye Mask

Travel with love. 

A smart luggage set that includes a cup holder, phone holder, and USB port is a great gift for someone who travels a lot. It’s also a stress-free way to get through airport terminals or Penn Station. “[I] get compliments at the airport all the time,”One reviewer wrote about this Wrangler Smart Luggage Set. “[It’s] strong enough I can sit down on it in a long line, LOVE my cup holder.” Yep—they can hit the Starbucks kiosk and glide through JFK with their chai in tow hands-free.


Wrangler Smart Luggage

Enjoy the holiday by leaning into it 

Don’t be a Valentine’s Day grinch: Buy your SO flowers and enjoy the company of your loved one(s). Urban Stems is one of our favorite online flower shops, and The Verona (a bouquet named after the town where Shakespeare’s infamous Romeo and Juliet takes place—make sure to mention that when gifting), is a beautiful arrangement that features lush roses, delicate spray roses, and hypericum berries. 

Urban Stems

The Verona Bouquet

Finally, a Garfield Bouquet

You’ve made it this far down the list, and perhaps nothing has quite spoken to the unique personality of the object of your affection. We suggest this bouquet of bootleg Garfields, which is plush and soft. It speaks everything you need to say, in a language of love in which not all are fluent—but for the right freaky person, it’s gonna hit the nail on the head. You’re welcome. 


“Cute Cat” Stuffed Animal Flower Bouquet

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All of the items featured in this story were selected by Rec Room staff members independently.

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