The 13 Best Personalized Gifts for Valentine’s Day

What’s better than a donut on Valentine’s Day? Eight donuts that spell “out” “I love you,” placed on a Swarovski-studded platter and served to your boo after she’s scarfed down a tomahawk steak with the words “MARRY ME, BRENDA??”Inscribed into the side. Customization has come a long way since the Gutenberg Bible, baby, and there’s no better time to take advantage of humanity’s inanso ability to individualize absolutely everything than with a personalized Valentine’s Day gift. 

The best custom Valentine’s Day Gifts run the gamut from personalized board games and classy photo albums (never not in style), to jewelry that is sweet—but not tacky—and cookware that comes with a personal touch. We’ve found personalized sex toys for spicing things up on those Black silk sheetsCustom-painted leather jackets, Carhartt Tool Bags, and many more ways to say I

Photo albums will always be slapped

Nothing shows how much you’ve been clocking the important moments with your Valentine quite like a beautiful, tangible collection of curated pictures in a linen-covered photo album with up to 50 pages for your cherished memories. Plus, Artifact UprisingFor a limited time, Photobook Discounts of 15% are available. 

Artifact Uprising

Everyday Photo Book

$62 at Artifact Uprising

Say “I love you”With steak

You can’t beat this meat, baby. Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors are third-generation meat slingers from New Jersey, and they’ve got a 40-ounce tomahawk steak with your lover’s name on it. 

Pat LaFrieda

Custom Engraved USDA Prime Black Angus Tomahawk Steak, 40 oz

Pat LaFrieda $172.10

They’re the Homer to your Marge

Angel Food Bakery is one of Minneapolis’ best bakeries, and beloved for its Personalized, custom-message donutsIts iconic Bourbon Caramel Donut Bread Pudding.

Angel Food Bakery

I Love You Donuts

$85 at Goldbelly

For the couple that enjoys board games

A personalized four-across game to remember any anniversary that is most dear to you, from the first kiss to the last time you fought a mate. swole kangarooThis is an open-air animal park. 

Justin Pearson and Kasey

Personalized Hearts Four-Across game

Uncommon Goods – $85

The best personalized jewelry

Hang this personalized silver heart on a chain, pin, or whatever is your hunny’s pleasure. CatbirdIt is the GOAT in minimalist jewelry and its sterling silver pendant makes it a sweet take on a V-Day favorite.

$40 at Catbird

A personalized notebook

Is your SO an aspiring poet or a sketch artist? A writer of limericks, sketch artist, or a hard-to-shop-for Virgo who’s obsessed with making lists? If so, they’ll appreciate a personalized journal and cool planner for keeping their flashes of genius—or at least their grocery list—organized.


Full of Heart Notebook

$26.99 at Papier

They’re kind of a tool bag, but they’re your tool bag

Embroider this Carhartt tool bag with any two-line personalization you want, so everyone else on the job site will know that they’re DADDI’S KINKEE BB. 


Embroidered tool tote

$109.99Personalization Mall $82.49$109.99Personalization Mall $82.49

The Bachelor hosts personal tidings

Who is the one who loves love? Chris Harrison is our man. The Bachelor’s legendary host will create a personalized video message to your boo for a very reasonable price. “Chris exceeded all expectations,”One reviewer writes: “He made it SO special. Cameo only allows you to type 250 characters max, so I didn’t even get to tell him much, but his video seems like he’s known them for years.”What a pro. 


Chris Harrison: Personalized Video Message

Cameo – $350

‘Til plug do us part

What better way to pop the question than with a personalized sex toy? This silver anal plug comes as a cute ring, and in a very accessible size for butt stuff beginners and ~seasoned~ players alike.  

99 Supplies

Customized Butt Plug

$16 at Etsy

They’re your ride-or-die

“See? I love you more than my Camel Crushes, baby. It says so on this jacket.”

NN Creations Studio

Your Leather Jacket can have custom painting

Etsy: $350

The best personalized gift idea for chefs

Whether they’re a legit chef or just someone who likes to garnish everything with Maldon salt A personalized cast iron skillet will make your food-loving friend smile with a little bit of green. Smithey IronwareCast iron skillets made by, are some of the finest available.  

Smithey Ironware Co.

No. 8 Chef’s Skillet

Smithey Ironware Co.Smithey Ironware Co.

They should get it!

It is as simple as uploading a photo of yourself faceSocks. You’ll be that much closer to their feet, which is always your goal as their sole discerning lover. 


Custom Face Socks

Amazon: $12.99

A massive, cardboard cutout from your face 

After a long day at work, your love will return home to you and see your shining smile. face—somehow, even though you live 400 miles away—in the form of a three-foot-tall cutout peering out from behind the bed. Romance ain’t dead, even if Ben Affleck did act TRÈS rude to that lifesize cutout of Ana de Armas. 

Make a Headshop

2 Foot Huge Head Cutout

Etsy: $22.99

I wish you and all yours a romantic, delicious, and pleather-filled V-Day. 

All the stuff featured in this article was selected by Rec Room staff.

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