Seo In Guk discusses his first role in a villain role, wearing fake tattoos and bulking up. “Project Wolf Hunting”

Seo In GukHe shared his thoughts about his first role as a villain!

“Project Wolf Hunting”This action thriller is about a ship carrying dangerous criminals from the Philippines to Korea. In order to keep an eye on them, a team of experienced detectives boards the ship to make the journey together with the inmates—but chaos unfolds when an unexpected crisis breaks out at sea.

Notably, “Project Wolf Hunting” marks the reunion of Seo In Guk and Jung So MinThey starred together in 2018’s drama. “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.” The film’s star-studded cast also includes Jang Dong YoonSung Dong IlPark Ho San, Choi Gwi Hwa, Go Chang SukJang Young Nam.

Seo In Guk played Park Jong Doo, the first-degree murderer wanted and captured by Interpol. He leads the rebellion. The cruel villain, who seems to be the embodiment evil, was perfectly portrayed by the actor. To portray the role, he even gained 16 kilograms (approximately 37.5 pounds). His determination, bold actions, and powerful gaze capture the attention of audiences.

Seo In Guk, a villain, had to perform a lot of scenes that involved extreme swear words. He answered that it was not easy to approach the character when he was asked. “Of course I was worried. Park Jong Doo is a bad guy that makes everyone angry. However, the cruel lines that Park Jong Doo said in his first appearance were intentional. He intentionally did it to get smacked [where he wanted] because it was necessary to take out the steel wire [for his escape] later. But he still is a bad guy. Park Jong Doo’s cruelty was described well in the script such as his acting and tattoos. Park Jong Doo is not that young, but he is still too young to be a boss. So I thought about what point Park Jong Doo would emphasize. Besides his cruelty, I thought he needs to have an [intimidating] aura, which is why I bulked up in size. I wanted to reach the level of an UFC fighter. It’s like how it feels different to see a very ferocious wolf than just a wolf.”When Seo in Guk was filming “Doom at Your Service,”He weighed in at 68 kilograms (approximately 152 pounds). When he began filming, he was 68 kg (approximately 150 lbs). “Project Wolf Hunting,”He weighed 84 kilograms (approximately 185 pounds).

The viewers also loved the impressions made by the tattoos that covered his whole body. He commented on his tattoos: “When I asked about the tattoos, [the production team] said that they had to paint everything in the past. It would have taken them about 15 hours [to create Park Jong Doo’s tattoos], but now that technology has developed, it only took me about three hours to put on the tattoo stickers. The design was made by the director and tattooist Aerok. I just gave my opinion here and there, and everything came together very well.”

Seo In Guk, who was a star in many rom-coms like “Reply 1997,” “King of High School,” “Shopaholic Louis,”It underwent a radical transformation. “Project Wolf Hunting.”When asked if his first villain role was satisfying, the actor responded, “I really enjoyed it. I got a strong feeling for expressing something different. Someone said to me earlier, ‘You must have had a very hard time playing a villain,’ but actually I found it rather interesting. If Park Jong Doo had a background story that created certain emotions, it would have been difficult. Park Jong Doo in ‘Project Wolf Hunting’ only walked one road. He had no choice but to hijack the ship to run away. I enjoyed being able to depict a simple evil character.”

Seo In Guk was first seen 13 years ago. Recently, he has been working as an actor. Seo In Guk was asked if he plans to sing again. “It hasn’t been decided yet, but I am working on it. It could be this year if early, or it could be early next year. But I am working on it.”

After premiering at Toronto International Film Festival 20,22, “Project Wolf Hunting”On September 21, the movie will hit theaters. Check out the trailer below!

Seo In Guk, Jung So Min and more “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” here:

You can watch it now

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