Ross Geller’s Friends Relationships Failed Because He Was Toxic

Every fan of the beloved NBC comedy Friends has a favorite character, whether it’s the (initially) spoiled Rachel Greene, the obsessive Monica Geller, the sarcastic Chandler Bing, the quirky Phoebe Buffay, or the dim-witted Joey Tribbiani. Ross Geller may have been attractive to you because of his physical comedy or awkwardness. But, you might not have realized that he had toxic traits that would have ruined his romantic relationships.

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Many people use their fantasized relationships as a guideline to what they want. But because fictional relationships are romanticized, they can lead to issues in our personal lives if we don’t take those couplings with a grain of salt. Let’s identify why Ross’ relationships always seemed to go wrong, and what patterns we can remember now looking back.

A Look at Ross Geller’s Many Divorces

Carol and Ross on Friends

Season 1 features Ross and his wife Caro Willick going through a divorce. Contrary to the rest of his relationships, this one didn’t end because of Ross’ bad behavior. Carol was a lesbian and fell in love with Susan Bunch. This relationship was also Ross’ least-complicated, because Carol was carrying Ross’ son, Ben.

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There’s more to say about Ross’ second divorce, from Emily Waltham, whom Ross met through Rachel. Although Rachel and Ross were no longer together, it was evident that they still loved one another, despite their romantic interests. After a hectic getaway, Emily and Ross finally decide to marry. Deep down, viewers hoped that Ross would continue with the marriage and that it would stick. Unfortunately, at the altar, Ross spoke Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s, which understandably put a damper on the rest of the wedding. Their brief-lived romance ended up being more important than the marriage.

Is this a slip of his tongue? Ross may have said it, according to some fans. “Rachel”She simply walked into the wedding venue right as they were saying their vows. While that could be the case, it’s more likely that Ross was still in love with Rachel. However, because he hadn’t admitted it out loud in some time, his subconscious was merely saying where his heart was. This was what made it so toxic. Ross was constantly putting Rachel and others in the middle of their relationship, using other women as a way to get over Rachel. This was not only a disgraceful act for Emily, whom Ross had promised a lifetime, but it also confused Rachel, keeping her connected to Ross for longer than she needed.

Las Vegas: Rachel Greene and Ross Geller

The final marriage, and divorce, to talk about is Ross’ spontaneous Las Vegas adventure with Rachel. Ross and Rachel are drunkenly separated from their friends. Later, they are seen stumbling out a wedding chapel with their faces covered in black marker.

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Intoxicated, the couple tied the knot and had to get an annulment. Ross realizes that being divorced three times is worse than the situation he’s in now. So, he tries to remain married to Rachel — without her knowledge — which is just as bad as it sounds in your head. Ross, instead of admitting his mistakes, puts his shame and embarrassment before Rachel, who clearly did not want to be married. Ross and Rachel have a complicated past to look at.

Ross and Rachel on a Break?

Ross Geller and Rachel Greene: Are you on a break?

Friends fans continue to debate whether Rachel and Ross were on a break. Some side with Ross, but most will fiercely defend Rachel’s position — that they weren’t on a break. What is the secret to this cheating scandal?

Ross was always in love Rachel, and everyone knew it except Rachel. We mean it when he says that his feelings for Rachel go back far beyond the grave. This was a love many Friends fans supported early in Friends.‘ run. It was case of “will they or won’t they” that had everyone on the edge of their seats. It was thrilling when Rachel and Ross finally got together in earlier seasons. For a while things were going well. However, that doesn’t mean Ross wasn’t exhibiting some red flags.

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Ross’s controlling and jealousy were two of his most damaging traits, especially when it was about Rachel’s job. Rachel tried to make her own life and broke away from her wealthy parents. She waited tables at Central Perk, the gang’s regular hangout. Rachel found a job that she enjoyed and made a significant contribution to her career and personal growth. Ross was not content to be happy and understanding but became jealous of her coworkers, long hours and her passion for what they did.

This became the couple’s downfall. He chose to not support Rachel during this pivotal time of her life but instead allowed his own emotions to get in the ring. Ross not only didn’t support Rachel’s job, but he also had a serious jealousy problem with Mark her coworker, making Rachel feel guilty for having a male friend.

All of this led to the infamous “break”Rachel claimed that Ross was her only friend and she needed some privacy. Ross then slept with another woman, believing she had broken up with him. He then found a voicemail from Rachel in which she insisted she didn’t want space, and loved him enough to work through their problems. Ross tried to hide from Rachel his actions, which only shows that he knew he was wrong.

Ross Geller: Terrible Character or Toxic?

Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer on FRIENDS

Was this cheating? We’re going to say yes. Cheating in and of itself doesn’t make Ross Geller an insufferable boyfriend. It’s his habitual selfishness and deception. It’s also the way he uses other women to get over Rachel, and manipulates them in a way that benefits only him. That is, until it doesn’t anymore, and the relationship ends, badly.

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His terrible conduct and awful relationship patterns don’t necessarily tear down his character. While Ross’ morals are questionable, he still offers great comedic release to Friends. He also serves many purposes, such as bringing Emma, Rachel’s daughter, into the world, and even being one of the reasons the whole gang got together in the first place.

Ross might be a despicable boyfriend and husband, but he’s a pretty funny guy. Ross should be used as a guideline in how to recognize and avoid conflict in your own relationships. However, you shouldn’t write Ross off right away for being the worst character on Friends.


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