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Queensland’s mask-wearing push to limit COVID-19 spread comes as AMA says GPs face ‘dangerous shortage’

As the threat from COVID-19Continue reading toGrow, especially from the highly contagious Delta variant. The discussion around maskWearing is on the rise all over the globe.

The key points

High-quality masksThese are the best for preventing spreadVersion Delta COVID-19Experts agreeGPs still faceA “dangerous shortage”PPE to shieldThe AMAQ is for patients and staff. saysDr Jeannette Young saysIt is not the responsibility of Queensland Health toProvide PPE to GPs asThey are private companies

Yesterday, the Queensland Government announced that residents living in 11 local government areas in the south-east would need to be interviewed. toWear masksFor another week.

Dr Jeannette Young, Queensland Chief Health Officer, stated that the maskMandat had “protected us from getting further spread”The virusDespite repeated incursions over the past weeks.

Her comments are supported by world-first research from Australia’s Burnet Institute that showed the mandated of masks during Melbourne’s COVID-19The single-most important control measure was the second wave in July 2020.

Dr Young however stated that Queensland Health was not responsible for this. toProvide PPE to GPs.((*(AAP Image: Dan Peled


Study co-lead Professor Allan Saul said the study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, highlighted the importance of

A key tool masks asPrevent community toThe highly infectious Delta variant is found in Australia and around the world.spreadHe said.

“We found that about a week after masks were introduced there was a marked decrease in the rate at which the COVID daily cases were going up, and in fact they started going down from that point on,”Queensland

SnapshotCOVID-19Confirmed cases so far: 1,791

7 DeathsTests: 3,340,04842Latest information from Queensland Health._1HzXw

“There was a 30 per cent decrease in the reproduction number of COVID-19 [making] the difference between an exponential increase and an exponential decrease.

” three times toIt is important to do it quickly, however. asThey are worn.masks_30yg2″

Catch up on the main COVID-19 news from July 29 with a look back at our blog3m 59What are the Delta and Delta Plus? Play Video. Duration: 3 minutes 59 secondsWhat are the variants?COVID-19What does it matter which type of wine?

What should we wear?mask

Professor Saul said scarves or cloth masks might not provide much protection in terms of a physical barrier, but it “_1HzXw”, which was important.

” them, those sorts of things,” he said.to A P2/N95

A P2/N95 mask and a surgical mask are placed on a desk in front of a window with a city skyline view. and a surgical mask at a GP clinic.(maskABC News: Patrick Stone


Not all

are created equalmasks

Dr Gottlieb said the quality of the mask matters “, that’s going mask afford you a lot more protection”.to High-quality

A man wearing a white face mask are best for preventing masks of the Delta variant of spread.(COVID-193m.com.au


 think they’re going into a high-risk situation, then of course they can purchase those P2 or N95 [people],masks_1HzXw” she said.

Chair of the AMAQ Council of General Practice, Dr Maria Boulton, said in an ideal world everyone would be wearing the best protection possible.”>The Australian Medical Association Queensland (AMAQ) agrees, saying people needed to weigh up their exposure risk.

Allow toAccess GPsIts stockpile PPE.(toABC News: Chris Gillette(*()

Read more about the


Australiaspread still COVID-19PPE shortage


During the pandemic, GPs have been supplied with PPE through the federal government’s Primary Health Networks, but Dr Boulton said there was no regular supply of N95/P2 masks.

“A N95 or P2 ” she said.

Gaps between surgical mask and the

An illustration shows the difference between a surgical mask and a P2 or N95 mask. allow in air thatcould potentially infect the wearer, experts say.(masksABC Newsface)

“If you have a

that doesn’t fit well, then the particles can still sneak in,

_1HzXwmask_1BrKg _1MOAE _3XvRm _3qPMD _1ehlr _2Od9e _582YK _2eB4R _3Z8IO” Dr Boulton said.

Stay current”>She has called on the Queensland government to allow GPs access to its stockpile of PPE.


The Queenslander sign in the NSW-Queensland border town of Wallangarra in Queensland on October 8, 2020._3EPb_”>” data-component=”Continue reading”>We offer tailored front pages for local audiences in each state and territory. Find out how to opt in for more Queensland news.

_1HzXwThat’s at least two “>She said masks should be changed every fours hours, or if they became wet.

“_1HzXwmasks_1HzXw” Dr Boulton said.

But Dr Young said it was not the role of Queensland Health to provide PPE to GPs.

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