Plus-Size Woman Quits Her Job after Being Told To ‘Cover Her Stomach’Despite all her petite coworkers wearing similar clothes

When starting a new job, it can be hard to know what exactly to wear unless you’re given a strict dress code. It might be unclear how casual you’re allowed to dress, so the safest way to choose your outfits is to base them off what your co-workers are wearing. You might consider following the example of your coworkers even if they are wearing jeans or sneakers. You can wear crop tops that show off your stomach if everyone else is. Except, your manager may have a ridiculously high standard regarding plus-sized people.

Abigayle Canterbury, a woman, was recently TikTok sharesAfter dealing with a fatphobic supervisor, she quit her current job. Her videos sparked an online conversation about discrimination in the workplace. Below, you can read her entire explanation and also see an interview between Abigayle. Bored PandaThese are some of the responses she has received to her videos. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments. piece bringing fatphobia to light, we’ve got the perfect one to read next Here it is

TikToker Abigayle Canterbury recently quit her job after realizing that only thin employees don’t have to abide by a dress code

Credits for the image: abigaylecanterbury


Abigayle was told at work by her manager that crop tops were not acceptable, despite the fact that her peers wore them.

Credits for the image: abigaylecanterbury

Credits for the image: abigaylecanterbury




Abigayle’s complete story can be heard right here

@abigaylecanterburyPart one: Why i quit my job as a smoker last night. #fatphobia #discrimination #mobilealabama #plusssize #fatshaming #dresschallenge ♬ original sound – AbigayleCanterbury

It’s no secret that being thin is valued in society, as the media has always shown a blatant preference for smaller bodies. But it’s disheartening to know that even in the workplace, having a larger body can lead to discrimination. In fact, One studyScience Direct also found that 45% of employers are less likely to hire obese candidates, according to a study. This same study also found that “obese people are less likely to be regarded as able leaders and had lower starting salaries”. Why is it that we allow arbitrary factors such as the size of our bodies to determine which jobs we are qualified for? Weight has absolutely no impact on someone’s intelligence, capability and leadership qualities, yet employers maintain prejudices to the detriment of plus size workers.

In one of Abigayle’s follow-up videos, she showed viewers the “controversial”Dress code for her outfit

Credits for the image: abigaylecanterbury

We reached out Abigayle. InstagramIt would be interesting to find out if any of her colleagues ever admitted that she was treated badly. Evidently, they weren’t too concerned as all they told Abigayle about it was. “That’s so crazy.” We also asked what the most important thing she’ll look for in her next job is. “Fairness first of all,”Abigayle stated. “And either a strict dress code or a dress code with no double standards.”

We asked her if fatphobia is a common workplace problem. “[It is] definitely a very prominent thing in the workplace,”Abigayle states. “It happens so much, and until we start talking about it, nothing will change.”Abigayle offers advice to anyone who has experienced similar discrimination. “Don’t ever settle for a job that can’t give you basic respect. They need employees to run their business, and if they can’t give basic respect to them, why would they hire them in the first place?”

Abigayle even made a note of what she was wearing at the time she was hired

Abigayle also added, “I really want to thank every single journalist that took the time to listen to what I had to say. Until we start talking about these social issues, they’re never going to be taken seriously. Nobody deserves to feel bad about THEIR body.”

This issue must be brought to the attention in order to reduce fatphobia. Michigan is the USA’s largest state. Only one state is left out of 50In addition to a handful of other cities across the country, this law has also been implemented in a number of other cities. Employees can still be fired for being overweight anywhere else in the country. There are activists fighting to increase civil rights protections for overweight individuals, but it’s unfortunately been a slow process. “My body is not a failure, nor does it need to be fixed,” Janet Conroy – QuirkAdvocate for a Massachusetts bill to make weight-based discrimination illegal. “The systemic flaws and fatphobic mentality that allow weight discrimination are the problem.” 

Abigayle should have never been made to feel uncomfortable about her body, but I’m glad that she can now find a more positive environment to work in. She has taken a small step towards ending fatphobia at work by having this conversation. Hopefully, it will not be a problem for anyone else. Let us know in the comments how you would have responded to her unprofessional manager, and if you have ever been in a similar situation, we’d love to hear how you reacted.  

Many viewers shared Abigayle’s outrage for the situation, agreeing that she had done nothing wrong

Abigail was able to provide the perfect response for those who left negative comments.

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