People are using their kids’ FIDGET POPPERS to bake their own chocolate bars & it’s been hailed as ‘genius’

Are your children too obsessed with fidget poppingpers or just a little obsessed? They are being used in a creative manner by moms in the kitchen.

Parents have been making delicious chocolate bars with M&Ms, Smarties, and other ingredients using the toy mould.

A mother shared the story of how her son’s fidget poppingper has helped her make chocolate bars.Credit: Carlie Louise Blunden/Facebook

One mother shared a picture of her creation and wrote: “Made a giant mnm and smarties chocolate bar today using my sons big fidget popper thing.

“Yes the mould is food safe.”

And she’s not the only one to have the same idea, as many people shared their own delicious-looking bars made using fidget poppers. 

The woman’s post has racked up 1,600 likes, and many parents seemed keen to copy.


The toy mould has been used by parents to make delicious chocolate bars with M&Ms and Smarties.Credit: Facebook/April DuguidChocoholics have been making their own tasty treats using the toy


Chocoholics have been creating delicious treats with the toy for yearsCredit: April Duguid/Facebook

One of them said: “Genius.”

Another: “how good is this.”

Some people suggested that the fidget popping device should be made of food-grade silicone before being used for baking.

A mother said: “Don’t wanna be a Karen but please be careful to check they are food grade silicon as some can let off toxic into food.”

One of them said: “I’m so doing myself a baby yoda shaped one now.”

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People are using their kids’ FIDGET POPPERS to bake their own chocolate bars & it’s been hailed as ‘genius’

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