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Pass-through windows combine indoor and outdoor spaces

Pass-through windows merge indoor, outdoor spaces

If you’re remodeling a home or having one built, you may be considering how your floorplan allows you to entertain. As we all know, the kitchen is a gathering place for family and friends. You can design great rooms and open areas to allow for a flow between spaces, which allows friends and guests to visit.

Many people find that blending indoors and outdoors spaces is a key element of entertaining. They may have an outdoor entertainment space that is great for parties or an intimate covered sitting area that’s great for relaxing when weather permits. They want to blend those elements with the indoors. It is possible to combine the indoors and the outdoors, which could also mean that an indoor kitchen can be attached directly to the outdoor experience.

Pass-through windows are a great way to bring together the outside and indoor elements of your home. Here, a few experts share tips and insights for what you should know if you’re considering a pass-through window in your home.

Not always necessary,
but a fun addition

A pass-through window isn’t really a necessity but can look great and add a little more function to a space. Wendy Glaister, a California-based interior designer and founder of Wendy Glaister Interiors, says clients bring up pass-through windows when she’s learning about their general lifestyle and the goals they have for a space in a new home or remodel situation.

“A pass-through is not for everyone. but if you love to entertain and visit with guests outside while you’re in the kitchen, it’s a great choice,”She said.

But if you live near water and have mosquitos or have other bugs you’re frequently contending with, Glaister said, you might reconsider a pass-through window.

One of Glaister’s custom home clients recently invested in a Neapolitan-style pizza oven in their kitchen and wanted a pass-through window to serve fresh pizza pies in an outdoor dining area, a scene inspired by her client’s travels to Italy, Glaister said.

“The plan to serve right off of the (pizza oven) surface bridges the indoor and outdoor counter areas. It is such a beautiful, contemporary look and so much fun,” Glaister said.

Mark Ocheltree of Advanced Windows & Doors of Las Vegas has requested more pass-through windows. Pros install sliding and folding doors and windows in hundreds of homes throughout the Las Vegas Valley each year.

Pass-through windows are an integral part of larger renovations throughout the valley. These windows allow homeowners to combine a kitchen with an outdoor space for a grilling or wet bar area. Kitchens have natural light and ventilation via the windows.

“Having it all feel open so that it flows out to the patio and pool, that’s the driving dream behind what architects are drawing and people are buying,”Ocheltree stated. “A single door doesn’t make you feel part of what’s going on outside. A window and door system brings together the outdoor and indoor better.”

Ocheltree sees more activity in communities older than 20 years, where homeowners are renovating. Many home buyers choose to buy older homes instead of waiting for new construction. They renovate the spaces before moving in.

“We’re seeing full remodels in those types of communities, and the small sliding window systems are being put into those redesigns,”The contractor agreed.

Window sizes and types

There are a few different types of pass-through windows — horizontal, vertical sliding windows and, for those who want to save space, foldable windows. Brian Quick, a product manager at Andersen Windows (a supplier Ocheltree works closely to), stated that there are unique passthroughs that can also be stored inside walls like pocket doors. Andersen’s MultiGlide pass-through window is a pocket option. Some windows can also be equipped with electronic systems.

“The MultiGlide pass-through can be automated, opening your window with the touch of a button. If wall space is not available to pocket a MultiGlide pass-through, folding pass-throughs are a great option to maximize a clear opening, folding virtually out of sight,”It’s quick and easy.

You can also choose between a variety window frame materials, such as aluminum wood-clad or fiberglass. Glaister stated that fiberglass is well-known for its resistance against heat.

Before you decide on a window, be sure to inspect the frame for any obstructions. A professional contractor can help you with this step.

Pass-through windows measure typically 60 by 48 inches, 48 by 36 inch, 40 by forty inch and 48 by 36 inch. You can also request custom sizes to fit your specific situation.

Prices for small windows or custom windows can range from hundreds of thousands to thousands of dollars. It all depends on the scope of work. Electronics will increase the price.


It’s also important to work with a knowledgeable contractor who has experience in installing and giving guidance on how to choose a pass-through window,Quick and easy. He also said it’s important to understand the window exposure and the amount of sun it will receive in a day.

“It’s important the opening isn’t exposed directly to the natural environment without overhang protection,”Quick and easy. “Having a pro that understands performance needs with performance ratings of the available sill options is a must.”

Financing and warranties are another consideration. Reputable brands offer multiyear warranties, and many will help you find financing options for your project. Quick stated this.

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