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Opponents Of FCPS Vaccine, Mask Requirements Speak Out

They testified before the Board of Education last Monday.

Frederick, Md (KM) Several citizens spoke out last week against the Frederick County School System’s maska vaccine policy to slow down the spread of COVID-19. All students, teachers, staff, and visitors are required to maskup in buildings or on school buses. The only exceptions are for  lunch and recess.

In October, the Board adopted a policy that requires students participating in extracurricular activities to be vaccinated for the coronavirus. This policy must also be followed by weekly COVID testing before December 6th, when winter sports begin.

Jaime Brennan stated that the policy did not get enough public input. She also asked these questions. “Where’ s the  evidence that proves that repeated testing is safe as a long term practice? What about student privacy concerns, specifically what will be done with our student data? How will this third party use this information? Who else will use this information? How will you prevent bullying or coercion of the non-vax students and respect their privacy,”She asked.

Devin Brennan (a Linganore High Student) also voiced his opinions. “We can go out anywhere  and not wear a mask. But in school, we have to wear a mask,”He said. “It’s kind of stupid.”

He also stated that COVID-19 was not a major health concern. “Masks also hinder facial expression. You can’t express as well with a mask on. And it’s not healthy to wear a mask for an extended period of time,” says Brennan.

Amy Farr, another speaker, stated that any decision about whether to wear a garment is up to the individual. maskParents should leave the decision of whether to get vaccinated or not against OCVID-19 to their children. “Those who feel strongly about masking or vaxing, should be entitled to do so,”She said. “Do whatever you need to for your and your family to live with this current situation. But expand the same courtesy and respect to all,”She says.

Michael Farr had similar comments. “Giving  this back to parents to make these decisions–mask, don-t mask, vaccinate, don’t vaccinate–these are the discussions to be had among families, and personal doctors; not among public officials and bureaucrats,”He said.

Sara Ferrari called upon the Board of Education for the repeal of these mandates. “FCPS cannot justify the discriminatory and unfounded vax or test policy,”She said. “I urge you to rescind the policy. It’s not about health; it’s about othering, obedience and control,”Ferrari.

The Frederick County Health Department issued Thursday’s statement, which advised but not mandating. masksBefore being worn indoors to prevent the spread COVID-19.

The Maryland State Department of Education (State Board of Education) will hold a meeting via video on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 to review the matter. maskMandates in the State

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