New Britain Distributes At-Home Rapid Tests and N-95 Masks – NBC Connecticut

The City of New Britain began giving away home-testing kits. masksAfter days of waiting, there was finally someone who could get tested.

After waiting lines at 5:00 a.m., the Veterans Stadium gates in New Britain opened 30 minutes early on Tuesday.

Traffic jams were created by the long lines. To alleviate some of these backups, the city opened its gates at 7:30.

Volunteers and officers from the police help with testing kits at home. maskDistributions at Veterans Stadium, New Britain. As early as Tuesday morning, cars started to line up at Veterans Stadium in New Britain.

According to the mayor, the city received 5,500 state-issued test kits. At least 1,000 of those test kit went to elderly and congregate dwellers. On Tuesday morning, the remaining 4,500 test kits were distributed.

N-95 masksTo provide additional protection against the contagious variant of the contagious micron, they were distributed.

“It’s our behavior, it’s masking, it’s social distancing, it’s washing your hands, all of these things are going to help slow the spread,”Erin Stewart, New Britain Mayor “These at-home test-kits may provide some peace of mind for those who want one.”

Christopher Micik took his rapid tests. maskAfter having some issues earlier in morning.

“I went to AFC Urgent Care in downtown New Britain and they began handing out tickets for the day, but when I got there, they were all out,”Micik. “It’s hard to get test anywhere so this is very helpful.”

Others who stopped by to pick their items said that they wanted the tests as a backup to avoid long lines at testing locations around the state.

“I’m concerned for the exposure of COVID and instead of bogging down another symptom if I have symptoms, I thought it might be easier to just take one of the at-home tests,” said Joni Anderson-Senk. “I think this is a great resource and I’m glad we have been able to move through the line efficiently and quick.”

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