Nail jewellery makes your hands a talking point

Nail jewellery is making your hands a talking point again

A manicure can make an outfit look more elegant. Although winter-themed designs like sweater patterns and cool snowmanis are still very popular, it’s time to try something new and stylish. You can jazz up your nails by using bling-inspired nail art. This look is hot and shiny and can elevate any outfit. The fad is loved by Kylie Jenner and Cardi B.

Selena Gomez heated it with her velvet matte maroon nails and tiny gold hoops (as shared with Tom Bachik, her manicurist). Here’s why you ought to try this out, too…

Beautiful designs


Nail art jewellery isn’t just for minimalists. You can add rhinestones and clip-on rings tips to your nails. You can also try many glam looks. Begin with an aqua base and dark blue stones. Next, paint your nails with reflective shimmer. Add initial rings to the tips and then dip them in diamonds. Cuticle jewellery can even be made from semi-precious stones by a French company! If all that sounds overwhelming, try to reduce it by putting one emblem or motif on one nail or one trail. This is a style win!

Advantage: Nail jewellery is ideal for busy folks who can’t spend much time on having nail art done.

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Source Link Nail Jewellery is making your hands a talking topic again

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