Mel is pictured with Rodrigo Santoro’s little girl and reveals his perrengue

Mel Fronckowiak captures moment with his daughter and Rodrigo Santoro, and surprises

The actress and journalist Honey FronckowiakShe has shared a little more of her routine and daughter with us. Little Nina is five-years-old and is the only heir to the famous with her actor husband. Rodrigo Santoro.

The couple have been together for approximately ten years. In 2016, they made their union official. The daughter was born May 22, 2017, in Rio de Janeiro, where the couple still lives. Both Mel and Santoro are very private in their personal lives.

Mel Fronckowiak has been sharing more of his life with internet users and his moments with his girl through the space. The journalist was shocked to reveal that she would have a hard time finding the right words. faceIt’s a challenge!

The wife of Rodrigo SantoroHe showed a photo of him working from home. It shows a table full of work and just a tiny hand seeking Mom’s attention. Mel reported the story with great humor. “Flu = Child at home = Good luck home office“.

The couple reserves their official profiles on social networks to show, above all, work projects. The journalist, now working more at home, has shared her experiences in the maternity ward, showing walks and moments with her daughter.

Occasionally, they share with fans some photos together and beautiful declarations of love. Last weekend, for example, Mel Fronckowiak showed the romantic trip he took with his beloved. She is Rodrigo Santoro enjoyed a beautiful mountain landscape in a luxurious campsite in the city of Itaipava, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro.

The actor and the journalist posed in love amidst the nature of Rio de Janeiro. Mel, who works with travel programs, showed details of the glamorous accommodation with wine and fire to enjoy the mountain air.

However, when the subject is the daughter, discretion is total. The actors avoid showing photos that reveal Nina’s face. And the rare appearances, both in person and online, are always preserving the image of the heiress.

Mel shows her daughter with Rodrigo Santoro and vents in a good moodMel shows her daughter with Rodrigo Santoro and vents in a good mood

Mel shows her daughter with Rodrigo Santoro and reveals perrengue with a very good mood

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Rodrigo Santoro and Mel pose in a luxurious camp in ItaipavaRodrigo Santoro and Mel pose in a luxurious camp in ItaipavaRodrigo Santoro and Mel pose in a luxurious camp in Itaipava

Instagram reproduction Rodrigo Santoro and Mel Fronckowiak pose at a luxurious camp in Itaipava

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