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Marco Rubio slams defence head for ‘theatre’ of wearing face shield — even though it’s required

The US Senator is a fresh take on a classic genre. Marco RubioSecretary trolled ofDefense Lloyd Austin forHis Covid behavior was not forBeing reckless or skipping a maskIt is not a question of “if” but “soon”. for wearingOne on a recent trip in the Philippines.

The Florida Republican dubbed Mr Austin’s protocols, which included a maskYou can also find out more about a face shield? “embarrassing COVID theatre.” “Our [Secretary of Defense] is vaccinated,”Mr RubioTweeted “But he arrives in the Philippines wearing a mask AND a face shield. Embarrassing COVID theatre.”

As Politico defence editor Dave Brown reported, the military official, who stepped onto the tarmac and fist-bumped his Philippines counterparts, was actually following the country’s Covid guidelines.

“The Philippine government has commanded that everyone wear full-coverage face shieldsTogether with face masks while in public places,” according to the US Embassy in the Philippines. “Local governments continue to implement additional requirements to slow the virus’ spread.”

These rules were confirmed by other journalists who were traveling with the secretary.

“We were told prior to arrival in Manila that the Philippines required everyone getting off @SecDef ‘s plane to wear a mask and face shield,” Voice ofCarla Babb, America Pentagon correspondent, wrote Thursday on Twitter. “I am traveling with Austin as a member of the press and had to wear both as well. #COVID19 cases are surging here.”

The Florida conservative was a sceptic ofpublic health messaging during the pandemic. After being vaccinated, they caught heat in December. “lied about masks”Was “distorting the level of vaccination needed for herd immunity.”

Recent developments include Mr. RubioHas been criticised maskMandates evenAs the Delta variant surges in popularity, particularly in conservative states that have low vaccination and masking rates

“Government SHOULD encourage vaccination & make them available,”The senator wrote Thursday via Twitter. “Government SHOULD NOT force anyone to get vaccinated, punish those who refuse or use a mask mandate to make everyone angry at the unvaccinated.”

The Independent reached out to Mr. Rubio forComment.

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