Love scam: Influencer ‘girlfriend’Ends up spending thousands of dollars on BFs from SG and Malaysia & Korea

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Beware of falling in love online, because what is you see isn’t always what you’ll get. 

Apart from losing your heart, you could also lose a lot money.

One Singaporean learned this lesson. He formed a relationship with a Malaysian blogger who was living in Singapore and gave her $30,000 to her livestream platform. 

Then, he became suspicious of her motives and another man, who was a fan, reached out to him. He later learned that she had used the exact same MO to obtain money from men in different countries.

Shin Min Daily News, 41-year old Chen, stated that the influencer had caught him’s attention and he started following her social media pages.

He began messaging her in Nov 2021 and received messages from her by January 2019. “girl of his dreams.”

They talked daily, and the woman would sometimes send him photos.

She began working as an online presenter shortly after they started messaging.

Shin Min was told Shin by Chen that she had been asked by the woman to spend $50 on gifts as part her quota of 100 virtual presents.

She would lose her job if she failed to meet this quota.

Chen began to spend as much as $2,500 per session in order to support herself.

In March, she told him she was in love with him and the couple began to be together.

He spent $2,500 each month on the woman on the 14th.

”She designated the 14th of every month to be Valentine’s Day and she asked me to send her gifts. If my gifts weren’t as expensive as her fans’, she would get mad.

I ended up spending $2,500 on her each time and it came up to about $30,000 in total,” Chen added.

He realized that he was only one of many men she was paying money to after hearing from someone who had supported her in the same manner.

Chen sent Chen a message to Chen asking her to tell her, “I’m sorry, I really cannot afford to send you such gifts.”

But the woman answered him. “My house is your house, am I not worth that much to you? Am I that lousy? 

I know I’m not your next of kin so you may not think it’s worthwhile, but to me you’re the most special. I want to be better, I want everyone to know that we accomplished this together.”

Chen has since filed a police report on the woman, but is realistic in believing he won’t recover the thousands he spent on her.

Shin Min Daily News reported that the woman had also victimized other men in Singapore and Malaysia with the same tactics, including Lin, a 32-year old who spent $3000 on her.

Shin Min was informed by him that some messages Chen had received from the woman were similar. Some were even sent at the same moment.


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Source Link Love Scam: Influencer ‘girlfriend’Ends up spending thousands from BFs in SG, Malaysia & Korea

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