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LEGO’s summer 2021 wave of Star WarsSets have been taking us back in time to the Clone Wars and early Empire eras, with sets like 75314 Bad Batch Attack Shuttle from the new animated series and the set we’re reviewing today, 75310 Duel on MandaloreTheClone Wars: The Final SeasonReleased onLast Year, Disney+. This set contains 147 pieces and 2 minifigs. It will be sold in UK shops at a cost of UK PS17.99| CAN $24.99 | UK £17.99.

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ThePackaging, instructions, sticker sheet

It’s not surprising that the box is small and the instruction book thin due to the low number of parts. TheFront of the box featuresAn Ahsoka trooper like last year’s AAT set, although there is no such trooper in this particular set. TheThe play’s back highlights features, which we’ll look at in depth later in this review.

There are only two bags in the set, and they aren’t numbered — just dump out all the parts and get building!

Five stickers in a set with less than 150 pieces is not common. For such small sets, the sticker sheet can be quite large. But the Mandalorian design aesthetic, somewhat reminiscent of the angles and lines of Art Deco, can’t really be built from bricks at this scale and part count, so it’s not much of a surprise.


At under a hundred and fifty pieces, there isn’t really much to the actual build for this set, particularly since the build is split between Maul’s throne and the Mandalorian vault he’s imprisoned in. I think I spent more time attaching bricks to stickers than I did applying them.

The final model & its play features

Despite the small size of the build, it’s actually packed with play features. The substantial throne has decorative elements.

A secret compartment slides out from the throne, which contains a blaster — not that MaulTo defend himself, he needs a blaster.

The Trans-orange window flips to the back for a “breakaway”Play feature.

Mandalorians used vaults that resembled sarcophaguses from the past to imprison force-wielders. The last vault that was left to contain the Galactic Republic was used by the Galactic Republic in its final days. MaulSo that he would be able to travel to Coruscant. The LEGOVersion of this vault is a simple container onWith a silver sticker placed over a trans-clear panel, hinges Maul’s minifig fits comfortably inside, with his eyes peeking through the opening.


This small set is undoubtedly the focus. on the minifigs, and this set doesn’t disappoint. They are identical to the AhsokaTano minifigs released in the 75283 Armored Assault Tank last season. They feature her Season 5 appearance. TheClone Wars, but it’s great to get this version of the fig in a lower-cost set.

The MaulMinifig product is innovative and new. OnHe is the leader and protagonist of Crimson Dawn. He makes an appearance on the series.

Both minifigs have detailed rear printing. Maul doesn’t have headgear (other than his crown-like Zabrak horns), he only has a single facial expression.

Conclusions & recommendation

It’s hard to go wrong with a fun little build and two excellent minifigures for just $20. Even though it is a small build, the AhsokaAlthough minifig isn’t new, it is now available in a set that costs half of the $40 AAT. MaulThis is a welcome addition.

LEGO Star Wars 75310 Duel at MandaloreIncludes 147 pieces as well as two minifigs. UK UK PS17.99| CAN $24.99 | UK £17.99.

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LEGO Star Wars 75310 Duel on Mandalore features Ahsoka against Maul The Brothers Brick[Review] | The Brothers Brick

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