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ATLANTA — The challenges on Fox’s “Lego Masters”Sometimes they can take up to 12 hours. The editors cut each episode down to just minutes.

Will Arnett, the funny and wisecracking host, spends a lot of his time playing with the teams. The majority of these will end-up on the cutting-room floors.

Arnett asked questions to the teams during one of the final challenges. Arnett was at ATL Film Studio, Hiram, with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April. “I don’t want to make this all about me because you’re the builders but how have I done as a host?”

“So good!”It was said by a bearded contestant.

“Do you like me?”Arnett interviewed all the teams.

A few murmured. “Yes.”

Arnett appeared to be offended “That was not convincing!”

Indeed, actor Arnett “Arrested Development”Fame is the glue that keeps it moving. (Legos do not require glue.

“I’m the in-house cheerleader,” he said during a brief break in the day’s shoot. “It’s 10 hours of improvising a day.”

Arnett stated that the show’s third season has seen an increase in the quality and talent among the teams.

“A lot of big-time builders watched us doing this show and realize it has value in the Lego world,” Arnett said. “Now the big Lego builders from around the country and world want to be part of this. It’s a great endorsement.” (Last year’s winners Mark and Steven Erikson are brothers from Newnan and pocketed $100,000.)

He stated that the show attracts more adult Lego fans, such as those who spend $179 for a Rolling Stones logo or $250 on a Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum logo, and $315 on facsimiles. “Home Alone” house.

“The adult Lego community is massive and thriving and growing by the day,” Arnett said. “And people build as families now. So our audience cuts across all demographics.”

After Arnett had voiced Batman in the hugely successful animated series, Arnett became the first Lego world member “The Lego Movie”From 2014 and its many sequels. “I couldn’t have conceived back in 2014 what an impact it would have on my life,”He said.

He said that he is passionate about hosting “Lego Masters.”He said that there are three challenges this season: one involving live animals, one involving bull riding and one that is entirely focused on treehouses. Jeff Gordon is invited as a judge for a race car competition. Chris Pratt is invited to join the fray in order to promote. “Jurassic World Dominion”You can build a building with a dinosaur theme.

“They have to show some technical skills, sometimes with power and light,” Arnett said. “There’s a water challenge. We provide them water pumps and they have to incorporate them into the build.”

Arnett stated that he enjoys mocking the reality competition show’s constructs and the hyperbole attached. Arnett, for example, opens season 3 by walking on set and saying: “You like what I’ve done with the place?”He paused. “It’s the same. Literally exactly the same.”

Jamie Berard (Denmark-based Lego developer) and Amy Corbett are back.

“We get inspired by what the teams create,” Berard said. Berard stated that Lego has been around for over 90 years because it serves multiple functions, even for adults. “You can use them as a way to relax and an outlet to unwind,”He said. “You also have the other spectrum where it gives people a chance to express their ideas. This is an art form.”

Corbett stated that, while adult Lego building is dominated by men in the past, the show has helped attract more women to the field. Two of the 12 teams consist entirely of females, while five are male-female combos.

“I do love Lego,” Corbett said. “We have to support each other and encourage each other.”


9 p.m. ET Wednesdays on Fox with episodes streaming live on Hulu the following day.

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‘Lego Masters’Will Arnett and Lifestyles will be returning for the third season.| Lifestyles

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