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We added four new Harry Potter books to our shelves last year. They celebrate the subjects taught at Hogwarts School. We were given Transfiguration and Potions classes and the Charms, Herbology and Transfiguration lessons. These sets were a great addition for previous Disney storybook playsets that provided LEGO fans with portable scenes. Amazing translations to the Wizarding World were made. LEGO offers two additional lessons for Tetris this Year, which are sandwiched between custom-printed covers. The first lesson is 76396 Hogwarts Moment – Divination ClassIt includes 297 pieces and includes Harry Potter minifigures, Parvati Pail, Professor Trelawney and Parvati Pail. UK PS24.99| CAN $39.99 | UK £24.99. Next is 76396 Hogwarts Moment – Defence Against the Dark Arts ClassThere are 257 pieces in the Professor Moody, Hermione gringer, and Neville Longbottom miniaturefigures UK PS24.99| CAN $39.99 | UK £24.99. Both are available at LEGO Shop starting March 1st.

The LEGO Group provided a copy of the set early to The Brothers Brick for review. TBB does not guarantee coverage or positive reviews for products that are provided for review.

Unboxing the sets and contents

Since this is no longer a brand new theme, we’ll be reviewing both sets together. Comparing the sets can help to see how different they are. The artwork on the boxes can be used to show off the different features and hint at new prints or pieces.

Each class will have a unique environment thanks to the back art. These are both eye-catching as well as mood-setting. The Defense Against the Dark Arts box, (DADA), changes things up by including insets that show the alternate Barty Crouch Jr. as well as the horrifyingly printed trophy-figure Moody. I would never disparage a disabled veteran for their appearance but I have mixed feelings about LEGO’s execution of the trophy figure print for the one-eyed, one-legged imprisoned ex-Auror (or at least the print on mine). It does bring up some questions about Polyjuice potion, that’s for sure.

Below is my print along with other characters and bits of information included in each set. You can make great finds from old book page prints of The Grim and The Dark Mark. Meanwhile, Trelawney doesn’t seem to be the only one with a new outfit, as it looks like this Moody/Barty is a recolored version of the series one dark blue, grey, and tan Collectible Minifigure.

I’m sad they abandoned the little flask piece that came with the Harry Potter Series 1 Minifigures but I was stoked to see Barty, Jr was licking his lips just like David Tennant did in the role. Since the old round treasure box top was too bulky, the new chest piece that holds the Moody is purpose-made.

The buildings

Each set’s first bag ends with very different results. The DADA class is all about the folding structure. The spine has a shelf and a few furniture pieces. Divination focuses primarily on building furniture pieces that are stackable and can be arranged in the foldable area. This class is ideal for scene elements like the owl fixture, diamond display, and cushy red chair and crystal ball tables. Both sets are capable of quickly removing large stickers, which can make placement difficult. My only gripe is that there really isn’t a way to delicately peel off and reset these large sticker pieces without ruining them.

The second bag, which contains all architectural and furniture elements, completes each scene. Trelawney’s class gets folding curtains that obscure the lower anti-stud portions of the covers and help complete the images in the stickers.

Moody’s classroom glows up the most in the second bag, finishing the class setting and making a raised desk and tall chalkboard. The central area of the first-half of this build is where most stickers are applied. This complements the fireplace and display cabinet. I couldn’t identify them all but it was cool seeing such a plethora of bottles and tools in sticker and piece form.

You have it. Both build kits are ready to be assembled and used. Each book has pieces that can be connected to another book. This allows you create a mega-playset that includes all six sets. When you’re done playing, you can take the furniture from each, fold in the scene elements,  and stack them all securely together between the covers, like so.

Put these and their minifigures on a shelf with your Harry Potter collection for a great display or check them out of your library one at a time while you’re re-watching the series.

Conclusion and recommendation

Between the two sets, there’s a good balance of decorating and furniture building. The Divination class curtains look simple, but the owl fixture and the inset gem kept me from feeling disappointed. The brick-built elements that stand out are the big chair, table, and Grimm print. Trelawney’s pants outfit looks great and much more detailed than the dress from before but it would’ve been great to get more of the printed plates that were introduced in Trelawney’s Collectible Minifigure.

Moody’s Defence Against the Dark Arts class was full of delightful pieces and prints that had me wishing that LEGO would start labeling the stickers or instructions. Fans will recognize the Foe’Glass on a swingout shelves. But some stickers contain knick-knacks almost equivalent to T.G.I. Friday’s decorations. The Moody/Barty Crouch Jr. trophyfigure Moody is a great combination, although the print of the trophyfig leaves much to be desired. Given the details they were able to put on the trophy figures for the giant Hogwarts castle, you’d think LEGO would be able to provide a little more contrast and detail on a basically plain figure. The furniture was nice, even though the set was very limited in scope. I mean, the clawfooted chalkboard looks great for the set’s size and functionality.

The price point hasn’t changed from last year’s Moments sets, which means if you found those affordable and worth it, you’ll probably be prone to pick these up too. These are great playsets that last. ChildrenI wish they had more space for the miniaturefigures, even though they are well-designed. I was a kid once and I know I wouldn’t enjoy a pocket full of loose pieces that I was prone to lose.  These parts packs are great for Harry Potter fans. There’s potential here for harvesting the parts and stickers to build your own modular version to fit in with the castle sets. These are also a great source of expressions and minifigures.

Six books seem like a small number for these sets so I hope that means we’ll have more in the future. Each book is a lesson from the series. There are many to remember. Even the mind-numbing Professor Binns stands out from the series and I’m sure Harry Potter fans would love having a minifigure for him. Whether they’ll continue this series or not remains to be seen but it’s certainly a great excuse to pump out new collectible prints and pieces along with new versions of characters.

LEGO Harry Potter 76396 Hogwarts Moment: Divination classIncludes 297 pieces and 3 minifigures. UK PlayStation24.99| CAN $39.99 | UK £24.99.

LEGO Harry Potter 76397 Hogwarts Moment – Defence Against the Dark Arts ClassThis set includes 257 pieces, and comes with 3 minifigures. They will be available at the LEGO Shop starting March 1, 2022. UK PS24.99.| CAN $39.99 | UK £24.99.

The LEGO Group provided an early copy of the set to The Brothers Brick for review. TBB does not guarantee coverage or positive reviews for products that are provided for review.

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LEGO Harry Potter 76396 and 77397 Hogwarts Moments Divination & Defense Classes [Review]The Brothers Brick – Toys Daily

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