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Lawn Care Pricing Chart (How Much Does This Cost?)

Lawn care is a rapidly growing industry in the United States. Professional lawn-care companies are used by more than 25 million American households. We are all familiar with the sound of leaf blowers, and the hum of mowers when contractors begin to maintain our yards and gardens in North America.

What is the cost to hire a contractor for your yard care? What services are they offering and how do you choose the right one? In this article, I will go into depth and explain the different packages available and the factors that will determine what you’ll pay.

What is the cost of a lawn care service? (The Short Answer

The national average cost for lawn care is $45 per weekly. Prices can vary from $20 per week up to $200 per week depending upon where you live, the size of your yard, the grass type, and any additional services you require. Start with basic packages “Mow & Go Price per Cut”Services and expansion are all possible “All Inclusive” packages.

Lawn Care Pricing Chart – What You Should Expect to Pay

There are many lawn care packages available. They range from the services provided to the price you can expect. It’s difficult to determine an average estimate because pricing also varies between contractors and their abilities.

So first, let’s take a look at the different types of packages and services you can employ from your local lawn care providers.

Lawn Care ServicesAverage Cost (USD)Mowing$20 + per CutAeration$65 + per ServiceDethatching$175 + for each ServiceWeeding$50 + per service (method dependent)Fertilizing$50 + per applicationSeeding$300 + per applicationSod Installation$1 + per ft2 supply & installationLeaf Removal $50 + an HourMulching$25/yard supply and InstallationBush trimming$50+ Per HourHedge trimming $55 per hour +Yard Clean Ups$150 + per Service

Lawn Mowing

When hiring a lawn contractor to your home, you will need to make sure that you are choosing the right lawn services. Some packages include edging and leaf blowing. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, this is the one for you. “mow and go”A service could be a better choice. These services typically take care of the actual mowing, leaving the homeowner to do the rest.

Budgets for single reductions “one-offs”A cut can be obtained for as low $20 depending on the size of the lawn. A lawn care package should cost no more than $80 per month.

Lawn Aeration

This lawn care method uses spiked devices or similar devices that are inserted into the ground to allow water, nutrients and air to reach roots. Lawn aeration can also be used to treat subsoils that are poorly draining or densely packed. This service can be provided by contractors either as a separate service, or as an addition to their regular services.

A contractor can aerate your lawn for $65 for an average yard. It’s a relatively simple process, but it does require an expensive piece of equipment.

Lawn Dethatching

While it has many benefits for lawns it can also cause problems with irrigation and nutrient access. Dethatching is only suitable for a certain grass type, and a lawn care expert can easily advise whether it’s a good fit for your yard. These services are included with the lawn care package.

It is the same as mowing, but the process of detaching requires extra cleanup. Clear the lawn of all thatch. Cleaning up and lawn dethatching will cost around $175 per service.

Bed Weeding

Although weeding is not something that anyone enjoys, lawn care companies can take over this tedious task. The cost of weeding depends on the method employed by the contractor. Some homeowners might prefer that weeds be bucked manually, while others may prefer that weeds are sprayed weekly as a part of their lawn maintenance package.

It’s very difficult to determine how much a weeding job will cost because it depends on the amount of weeds and the size of the yard. Contractors charge an hourly fee for this service. Many companies will also add weekly spraying of the weeds to lawn care packages for $5 per week.

Lawn & Plant Fertilizing

You may need to fertilize more than your lawn. Lawn care companies can also offer specialist fertilizing. Lawn care companies can provide specialist fertilizing services to clients who have palms, trees, shrubs, or citrus, on a monthly, or annual basis.

A single application of lawn fertilizers costs around $50. This should be repeated several times per year. Once you move into plant fertilizing, another $50 + should cover an average garden’s shrubs but will vary depending on the types and amount of plants.

Seed Application

Lawn companies are becoming more skilled at a variety tasks, including seeding and revegetating lawns. You don’t need to contact a specialist to have your lawn seeded and rolled or hydroseeded. Some companies offer reseeding for an annual fee. These packages may include an annual fee pro-rata.

The average lawn seeding cost is $300+. This price includes all preparation, seeding, rolling, and seeding.

Sod Installation

A lawn care company might be a good option if you have lots of sod to put in. It can be difficult to go to Home Depot several times to purchase sod. A lawn service contractor might be a good addition. A lot of the time, you’ll find that contractors can beat the DIY cost as well.

Leaf Removal

Northerners know how difficult it is to remove leaves once they have fallen. Leaf removal services can provide a welcome relief, allowing you to enjoy the fall and relax.

Leaf removal costs vary widely. Different companies use different methods. Equipment used for larger tasks can be more costly, which will reflect in the final cost of the job. So, for one guy, you’ll look to pay $50 + per hour. Additional charges could apply if you require the leaves to be taken out.

Bush, Hedge & Tree/Palm Trimming

Another great service that lawn care services provide is the trimming of plants and trees around a homeowner’s yard. Most lawn care services include periodic trimming of trees and shrubs in their lawn care packages. You should verify that they offer these services.

Costs will be determined by the method used by contractors. Works that can be performed from the ground and don’t need a ladder are the most affordable. Prices go up when the contractor has to use a ladder. It seems that a starting price of $50+ per hour is a good starting point. The cost of trimming trees will increase as you get more involved. It can be expensive to hire a professional company to trim trees. This is especially true for companies that use chippers and bucket trucks. Even a small tree can be expensive to trim.

Yard Clean-Up

Yard cleaning is the final item on the lawn-care pricing table. People might be concerned that a contractor will only offer part-time and full-time services if their yard isn’t up to a certain standard. This is not true. These kinds of lawn care projects are often handled by lawn care companies who are happy to help you get your lawn in its best shape.

From what I have been told and using information from lawn care pricing near me, yard clean ups equate to 4-6 weeks’ worth of lawn work. A clean up would cost $100-150 if your lawn costs $25 per cut. This would include the lawn being cut to a suitable height, beds being reformed and weeds being pulled down in the beds.

Factors that can influence the cost of lawn maintenance

When you’re looking at hiring a lawn care company, it’s important to understand that the prices on my lawn care pricing chart are for average costs in the United States. There are many factors that could affect the lawn care pricing table for your yard. Let’s have a closer look at those factors that could either make it cheaper or more expensive for you.


You can expect to pay different rates based on where you live and in which state. Prices can vary depending on many factors including state taxes, contractor licensing, and gas pricing. It also depends on whether the contractor is able to live in your area. All these items make up the contractor’s overheads which are passed on in the price. Lawn care is more expensive in cities than in suburban areas.

Average Lot Sizes

These factors will affect the cost of lawn care: average lot size You are a resident of the state in which you live. It’s not surprising that larger lots in states will pay more. The average lot in Vermont is 10x greater than the one in Illinois. This will mean that for those larger lots, you’ll sit on the high side of averages.

Contractor route

Contractors want to keep their clients on their particular weekly route. I have heard of many people being charged higher rates because their contractor doesn’t work anywhere nearby. Contractors may have multiple clients in the same area to increase their profits. So, it’s always good to check if your contractor works close by.

Lawn Size

Although lawn size is a major factor in the cost of a lawn-care package, it doesn’t matter as much as you might think. Prices for contractors vary depending on the size of your yard. They charge an hourly rate. A contractor won’t charge you more for a yard that is 10-20% larger than another yard along their route. These are additional factors that are taken into consideration when calculating the price. However, if your yard has twice the size as a standard one, the price will reflect that fact.

Access to the Yard

A majority of lawn care companies will use a zero turn mower to mow your yard. This means they must have full access to your yard. If you have large banks or gates, contractors will need to use a weedeater or walk-behind mower. Even if you have a small yard but have limited access, it’s going to take the contractor longer to cut the yard.

Design for the Yard

The price a lawn contractor will charge depends on whether there is a tree, flowerbed, or path. These take longer, so they are more expensive. Additional work with edgers and/or weedwhackers, walk behinds and blowers is more time-consuming and requires additional equipment. This can increase overheads for contractors.

Type of grass

If you have had different grass types in the past, you’ll know that some of them are harder to cut than others and can take longer. Again this is reflected in the cost you’ll expect to pay for lawn care services.

Lawn Care Companies offer a variety of services

I’m sure by now you’ve realized that working out how much lawn services cost is not as simple as you would first think. There are many options available for homeowners and contractors offer different packages. Let’s take a close look at a couple of packages most contractors offer.

Mow & Go Lawn Care

Mow and Go is the easiest way to maintain your lawn. If you are just looking to have your lawn cut, this is the most economical option. The contractors will cut the grass and then blow the clippings into your yard. They won’t weedwack or edge the grass. The cost of grass cutting is $20 per cut. For weekly service, however, you will get a discount.

Basic Lawn Care

Mow & Go may not meet your needs. The basic package is also available. This usually includes cutting the lawn, weed whacking the grass the mower can’t get to, edging the paths/patios/driveways, and blowing the clippings back into the lawn. Also, it’s common for the contractors to include spraying the weeds on a weekly basis. The $20 monthly cost for this additional service is $20. This will depend on the factors.

Full-Service Lawncare

For gardens with low hedges and shrubs, a full service package is recommended. These packages include all of the items in the basic package plus the maintenance and care of low-level shrubs. This service is available at an additional 50%.

All Inclusive Lawncare

Prices for lawn care services vary depending on how much or how little you need. An All-Inclusive lawn care package may include all or a portion of the items in the lawn mowing price chart. There are many options if you want to include fertilizing and mulching as well as tree trimming in your lawn care. There are many options available for you to choose from, including packages and contractors. An all-inclusive package can cost several thousand dollars an year. You should do your research thoroughly and compare multiple price quotes.

Locate Your Lawn Care Contractors

Before you hire a lawn care company, make sure they are thoroughly vetted. There are many boxes that they must check before they come onto your property. These boxes should not be difficult to find if the contractor has a good reputation. These are just a few examples of what you should ask for and what you should expect.

  • State Licence
  • Country Licence
  • City License
  • Material Transport Licence
  • Licence for tree/palm transportation
  • Fertilizer Applicators Licence
  • Chemical Applicators Licence
  • Invasive Removal Licence
  • Agricultural Certification
  • Best Practice Certification
  • Arborist Certification
  • Liability insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Know what you’re allowed to do in your backyard

    You are responsible for the actions of a lawn-care contractor you hire. This includes the amount of time they have to work on your property, how much noise they make, and whether or not they can leave items at the curb for the trash guys. Not every homeowner realizes that there is one rule for the homeowner and one for the contractor, even though it’s the same job. You’ll find all the information you need about city ordinances at your local city hall or on their website. By learning about ordinances, you can avoid a citation.

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