LaQuan Smith empowers women through fashion, without exception

It’s the girls who get it that understand LaQuan Smith’s fashion philosophy. Known for creating looks for many of entertainment’s biggest superstars — Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and more — this fashionisto has been running the gamut since 2013. Oh, and let’s not forget his iconic after-parties.

At his Met Gala after-party, celebrities such as Teyana Taylor and Saucy Sanna made appearances. Guests were also treated to Popeyes chicken sandwiches throughout the evening and free merch. One thing’s for certain, whether we’re talking events or glamour, Smith knows how to set a vibe.

As he continues to make his presence known, the renowned designer has become one of the most recent faces to partner with Cîroc to introduce the liquor brand’s newest flavor “Passion.” As we celebrated the Cîroc Passion Vodka launch during an exclusive party, LaQuan Smith caught up with REVOLT to chat about the exciting alliance, fashion, music, and much more for Black Business Month. Continue reading!

What made you want to collaborate with Cîroc?

Cîroc has definitely been a huge supporter of the brand and me as a designer. Ciroc was one of the main liquor sponsors at my Met Gala after-party. This started an organic relationship between us. Cîroc is family at this point. More importantly, I’m super inspired by Diddy because he’s always been such an influence to me and my design aesthetics. His videos, his fashion — I have such a huge admiration for him and obviously the business that he’s built. It felt so organic for me to be a part of this initiative and the creative aspect, where it’s about unification of art, culture, fashion, and music, because that’s what I resonate with the most. I’m super honored to be a part of it. 

Speaking of fashion, what’s one of your favorite Diddy music videos? Give us a classic.

Oh, wow, that’s so hard because he has many classics. I would vote for the one with Lil Kim, Diddy and Mase. Also, “All About The Benjamins.” Lil Kim was rocking the Chanel suspenders, it’s a vibe. He has other great hits with other artists like Total — I love what he created.

You are known for having the best after-parties — guests enjoyed gifts and Popeyes chicken sandwiches at your most recent event. It is amazing to not only be a fashion icon but also to know that your parties never go missing. 

Well, that’s an honor for you to say that I’m iconic, as I don’t really see myself that way (laughs). I think if anything, I’m living to my fullest potential by being unapologetically me. I’m doing things that I love and that I’m very passionate about that involve moods, vibes and attitudes. It’s not just about fashion but also creating a space or venue where people can come in and have a conversation. “I can’t forget about this night.”I enjoy having fun and making people feel like they are in sexiness and glamour. I’m doing my thing, living life, and being a native New Yorker. I’m doing the things I’ve always dreamt of doing.

The merging between fashion and music is so iconic, especially in hip hop. How do you see yourself continuing this trend with your own collections of fashion and music?

I feel it seeps through with the women that I dress — female artists and rappers. There’s an influence with the music that I display on my runway shows and at my parties. Even during my creative process, I’m constantly listening to Lil Kim and some Foxy Brown from the 90s to really emphasize that attitude, especially for the Autumn/Winter season. It’s all about a puffer coat and a puffer boot — those thigh-highs, to be exact. Music is my motivator. I can go on a trip and sketch to get inspired or I can watch a film at night, but there’s something about music that really ignites me when it comes to creativity and designing.

Is there a hip-hop artist with whom you would love a collaboration?

I can’t say in particular, but I’m so honored by everyone from Nicki Minaj to Lil Kim to the newer girls like Coi Leray and City Girls, who all wear LaQuan Smith and embrace the brand. That’s what it’s about — celebrating the unapologetic-ness in female empowerment, and I love that there’s a spectrum between the different body types, ages and eras. We can all still come together in a LaQuanSmith piece to help her get her life back.

How should one feel while wearing a LaQuanSmith original 

I used to say LaQuan Smith is a woman’s best kept secret. That means that she’s walking in the room and commanding a level of attention that men and women can’t seem to escape. She’s versatile. Both girls and boys are interested in her. “B**ch, you better work.” It’s that kind of exciting factor — to wear LaQuan Smith is truly an experience. She lived her whole life in that dress, which gave her a sense and motivation. I also feel my business is built in a very unorthodox way, and girls used to come up to me and ask if they had to be a celebrity to wear one of my pieces — no, that’s the feeling that she gets. When a woman wears LaQuan Smith, she feels like she’s that mega rockstar, so that’s the takeaway. 

In the words Sheree Whitfield, it’s about to be September-Spring-Summer fashion week this year. Let us know what’s in and should be in everyone’s closet for the upcoming season. 

Silk pajama sets are a must-have — silky, sleek, minimal, and fabric that has fluidity and sensuality to it. 

Also, congratulations for making The Power List. How does it feel to be acknowledged for your achievements? 

It’s an honor and it’s humbling. I have always dreamt of doing what I do, and I’m not trying to be the best of anything — I want to be the best that I can be. I feel blessed to have people embrace me and the way I live my life and build my business unapologetically. It is a blessing to be able be seen and heard. — hopefully we can continue that initiative in uplifting and supporting Black creatives. 

You have posted your recent travels from the Hamptons. Where’s another place you would like to fly to for a trip? Name three celebrities you would bring along for the ride. 

I’m always somewhere (laughs). Grace Jones, Halston, Tina Turner are all things I would have to mention. I love those people and those are my girls I’d probably travel with.

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