JRE Guest Host Joe Rogan for the ‘Wealthiest Comedian’Rogan Reminds Jerry Seinfeld of Kevin Hart

The JRE podcastEpisode #1860 witnessed a long conversation between Joe RoganAnd Tim Dillon. Dillon is also a comedian, like Rogan. Therefore, it was natural to have a discussion about their profession. Dillon compared Dillon to a podcaster during their conversation. Jerry SeinfeldAnd Kevin Hart.


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Dillon said, “You are now the wealthiest comedian really, other than Seinfeld that’s ever lived. That’s pretty much the truth.”


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Rogan responded by saying, “I think Kevin Hart has more money than me.”

Rogan’s guest agreed and , “That might be true. … But he won’t. … You leave the planet a billionaire. I think so.”

Dillon also explained how he believed Rogan could quickly become a billionaire. Rogan could be even more successful if he does the right moves.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – JULY 01: Joe Rogan MC’s at T-Mobile Arena on July 01, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

As per ‘Celebrity Net Worth‘, the Spotify podcaster currently has a net worth of $120 million. In comparison, Kevin Hart has a net worth of a whopping $450 million.

However, Seinfeld defeats the comedians together with a huge net worth of $950 million. He thus remains one of the wealthiest comedians.


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Further in Rogan and Dillon’During their conversation, Hart expressed his belief that Hart could be successful as well. He believed that Hart was already successful and deserving.

Joe Rogan recalls the early days his podcast.

Rogan’s podcast might be doing well on Spotify, but he had started off on YouTube and, as per him, he didn’t make any money initially. His unique format was a hit and he quickly gained a large following.

Later, he switched his podcast to Spotify. According to several reports, the platform could’ve paid him around $200 million. The collective effort he has put in over years is what he is getting today.


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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – APRIL 09: Joe Rogan looks on during the UFC 273 event at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena on April 09, 2022 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images).

He was most well-known for his UFC commentary duties, but his stand-up comedy, in addition to appearing in movies and hosting previously, made him a household name. ‘Fear Factor’, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’His audience grew even more.

But not everything has been perfect. His podcast was in hot water after it was accused of spreading misinformation. The same happened with Spotify. They have had to navigate some difficult waters, but Rogan continues to upload new episodes to the platform.

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What do you think of the JRE podcast? Do you agree with Dillion’s assertion that Rogan could become a billionaire

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