“I’m Fat, I’m Ugly, I’m Stupid”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Daughter Felt ‘Disgusted’Shared in Her Book: By Who She Was Fourth Grade

One of the most common insecurity of our lives is feeling less confident about oneself. Many people feel insecure about how they look during their teenage years. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eldest daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger, went through something similar in her preteen.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger was her favorite action star as a child. Her mother was also a well-known journalist. Sometimes, the pressure becomes enormous when your parents are celebrities, and you aren’t as perfect as they are for the world. Katherine’s first book was written in 2009, based on her own experiences and the lessons learned from all those trials.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter’s struggle in her preteen

In her 2009 book, ‘Rock What You’ve Got’, she opened up about the incidents from her childhood that haunted her back then. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter was a chubby kid in her preteens, and that made her conscious about herself. She felt awful about her appearance and was extremely self-conscious. 

In her book, she shares how she first opened up about her struggles with mother. She tells young people it’s a phase, and not the entirety of their lives. She Write“‘I hate myself!’ I cried to my mother. “I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m stupid, and I feel totally disgusting!”I was ten years old, in fourth grade, and already suffered. But this was the first time I could remember revealing my concerns about my appearance to anyone. …”


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She continued: “I consider fourth grade to be one of my “chubby”Years as a child. I felt overweight, and looking back at old pictures of myself, I can honestly say I wasn’t fat, but I certainly felt that way.”

Katherine felt the same as most teenagers growing up. That’s something not unusual. It’s just that it feels like that at that time. 

Katherine Schwarzenegger’s journey to becoming a NY Times bestselling author


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Katherine Schwarzenegger has been a New York Times best-selling author. Her journey began in 2010 with her book, “Kathleen Schwarzenegger: The Book.” Katherine received her education at several universities. She studied Communication at USC Annenberg School. She also studied journalism at University of Southern California. 

Katherine later wrote three more books. Two of them were self help books, similar to the first. In 2014She published “I Just Graduated, Now What?”. She also published a book in 2020. “The Gift of Forgiveness”. Other than these, she has written a children’s book called “Maverick and Me”Which was released in 2017.


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Katherine Schwarzenegger realized early in her life that she was neither fat nor beautiful. It was all about the phase she went through. She wanted to tell her story to other kids so they don’t have to go through what Katherine went through in her preteen years.

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