Hillary Clinton Shares the Story Behind Her Dillard’s Wedding Dress

Hillary Clinton’s wedding dress shopping experience wasn’t exactly traditional. In 1975, Bill Clinton married his wife. The politician wore an oversized bohemian smock. Dress with bell sleeves and crocheted lacing. And, she found it at a not-so-glamorous place—Dillard’s.

During an interview Drew Barrymore ShowThe former secretary-of-state confirmed that she had accepted the spot on Thursday, September 15, 2022. Drew Barrymore, Drew Barrymore’s host, asked her if she was married. The former lawyer answered that the gown is from the department store. “Yes, it is.”

Chelsea Clinton, Hillary’s daughter who was also present for the interview, told Barrymore to ask the former senator how many dresses she tried on before finding the one. “Only one,”The diplomat was exposed. “I found the one I wanted.” 

She continued to discuss the history of her make-up shopping. “But, here’s what happened,”She continued. “My husband had asked me to marry him twice, and I said, ‘Not now, no.’ The third time was the charm, and he said, ‘Well, let’s hurry up and do it before you change your mind.’”

The couple wanted to speed up their nuptials, so the former Secretary of State completely forgot about buying a bridal gown. After her weddingWeekend was over, it was time to take a trip. Dillard’sIt was the only path.

On Valentine’s Day in 2020, Hillary posted a throwback photo with Bill on her weddingday, which displayed the dressShe wore what she had chosen for the occasion. “Happy Valentine’s Day,”She wrote the following: Instagram

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton met for the first time in 1971, when they were both attending Yale University’s Law School. They were married after four years of being together. “I do”Intimate ceremony with just 15 guests in Arkansas’ living room. They have supported one another through their 47-year-long marriage and their political endeavors. Chelsea is their daughter, and they have three grandchildren. 

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