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You’re sick of washing your reusables. face masksIt’s time to start investing in high-quality disposable options every week. Protective clothing is essential, especially with holiday travels in the future. faceCovers that you can remove after long days of wearing them in airports. But your average blue surgical face mask isn’t going to cut it anymore — we’re looking for comfortable and stylish face masksThey don’t ruin your outfits and can be used as cute (and protective!) accessories. Enter: Maskc face masks.

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Disposable is what you should be thinking about face masks. “luxe”Maskc may be the one to change your mind if probably isn’t your first thought. These face masks look and feel expensive, and stars with luxurious tastes — think Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin — clearly agree. These are comfortable to wear, thanks to the soft ear loops, adjustable nose bridge, and adjustable nose bridge. masksYou can use it for longer periods of time, as when you are traveling home for Thanksgiving. Style and comfort — what’s not to love?

Maskc offers a wide range of color options. face maskYou can pair it with any outfit. For winter, we’re talking warm autumnal colors, bright pinks, neutral shades, and classic black. Maskc also has a range of patterned accessories such as the leopard print. maskBella Hadid adores and Lucy Hale wears the floral option on a regular basis.

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