Funny Song Lyrics with Sir John

It’s time once again for a little culture in our lives. It’s Cultured Country with Sir John.  

This week, we did a Throwback Wednesday. Sir John read the lyrics to Sara Evans and brought some culture into our lives. ‘Suds in The Bucket’.

Photo by Álvaro SerranoOn Unsplash

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

Sir John, our Britneck Britneck, did an amazing job with the lyrics. He even wrote the words “smooth talkin’ son of a gun” “all the biddies in the beauty shop”Sound elegant with his English accent. How does he do it?

Photo by Julio Rionaldo at Unsplash

Photo by Julio RionaldoOn Unsplash

Just hit the arrow below to play this week’s Cultured Country

Check out the lyrics ‘Suds in the Bucket’Below

Photo by Lucas Alexander, Unsplash

Photo by Lucas Alexander, Unsplash

Now don’t you wonder what the preacher’s
Gonna preach about Sunday morn’
 This has never been seen before!
Well he must of been looker, A smooth talkin’ son of a gun
 For such a grounded girl, it is best to just get up and run
Of course you can’t fence time
 And you can’t stop love 

Now all the beauty shop biddies
Gossip goin’ non-stop Sippin’ on pink lemonade
 How could 18 years be so short?
Our little pony tailed girl  Growed up to be a woman
 Now she’s gone in the blink of an eye
She left the suds in her bucket
 And the clothes hangin’ out on the line 


Below is the video for the song.


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