Five outfits that a boss woman would never wear

Boss lady is a woman who has confidence and attitude. This makes her stand out. Then she can wear any outfit with grace and confidence. You need to be a boss lady who is ready to take the world by storm. Here are some things to avoid. Mitali Joshi, Lead Designer of fashion brands share five fashion pieces that won’t suit a true boss lady.

Round neck tee

T-shirts are casual styling pieces. However, if you don’t want to tuck it in, it will make your face look very unflattering. You can wear a graphic tee or a tee like a boss lady by tucking it in. Style it with heels. To make your room stand out, add a blazer!

Flats for the Toes
Flats with open toes are a casual staple that suggests a careless, lazy attitude. Straight no for a boss lady! She is someone who wouldn’t even wear one on the beach. She would rather wear open-toed heels or flats with close toes.

Accessories to match your style

Overdone accessories can often be seen as tackiness or flouty. Boss lady is a sign that you are confident. This confidence shines through in your choice of what to wear and what looks good. For a stunning boss lady look, stick to minimal accessories that are bold.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are casual daywear and lack structure. Maxi lengths are not for everyone. A structured maxi dress/skirt is better if you prefer a longer length.

Cut-outs and ripped styling

The recent revival of cut out and ripped styling is a result of 2000s teenage fashion trends. This can be seen as a show of carelessness and a big NO for the boss lady.

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