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Do I need to be wearing a face mask when shopping?

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While locked down, one of my favorite things was my weekly shop at my local shopping center. Judging by the bustling crowds and long lines outside storefronts over the past few weeks, it’s safe to say I’ve not been the only one who’s been eagerly awaiting a trip to the mall.

And for many Australians, the reopening of retail (much like other activities) has been accompanied by our trusty companion of the last two years – the face mask.  

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However, Australia continues to relax its restrictions on wearing a hat. maskWhen shopping. Here are the most recent updates and modifications. 

What do I need to wear? face maskShopping? 

Residents of VictoriaSouth Australia and New South Wales face masksThey are still needed in indoor retail settings. 

For those who live in the ACT, Western Australia and Queensland are available. Tasmania does not have a mandatory requirement that you wear a hat. face maskWhen shopping in retail stores. 

While they’re not necessary for these states, it’s still Strongly recommendedYou should always have a face mask with you, and that you wear one in places where physical distancing can’t be maintained.

When are these restrictions likely change? 

You Victorians and New South Wales residents, hang in there. It’s been confirmed that people in these states will no longer be required to wear face masksRetail stores starting December 15. In retail stores starting December 15, masks will still be required for taxis and ride-shares.

South Australia is represented by the date masksRetail stores will no longer require vaccinations. However, this will change once the state reaches its 90 per cent target. masksOnly high-risk areas, such as hospitals, will require this type of authorization.

Why is it different from hospitality 

Retail and hospitality restrictions differ slightly as hospitality venues allow for greater social distancing. Victoria and NSW.Hoteliers are still required to wear a suit. maskCustomers in these states can now enjoy their meals without having to wear a dress. maskUpon arrival. 

South Australians should still wear their traditional South Australian clothing masksIndoors when eating or drinking is not permitted in restaurants. In all other states, you don’t need to wear a shirt. maskWhen you visit a hospitality venue. 

Do I need to get vaccinated before I go shopping? 

In Victoria and NSW, you must provide Valid proof of vaccinationYou should not enter non-essential retail stores. However, from December 1, NSW will allow people who are not vaccinated to shop in non-essential retail stores.

There are no clear cut answers on when unvaccinated Victorians will be able to enter non-essential retail stores, but it’s been suggested by the Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews, that they could be barred entry “for the entirety of 2022”.

As for the rest of the country, many states are allowing unvaccinated people to enter non-essential retail stores, but the specific rules vary from state to state and are changing regularly, so it’s best you check your state’s official website for all the up to date details.

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