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Covid-19: Yes, there is a correct way to wear your disposable face mask

Everywhere you look these days, you’re likely to spot a blue and white surgical mask.

Nearly two years after the Covid-19 pandemic began, face masks – whether they’re cotton or disposable ones – are a part of daily life now.

They’re a vital preventative tool against the virus, it’s important to wear them correctly. No, that’s not under your chin, or white side out.

Stuff sought advice of Professor Michael Baker, a strong supporter of wearing them in the right way. masksDuring the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Masks should be worn colour side out, wire edge up.

Penny Murray/Stuff

Masks should always be worn color side-by-side, wire edge up.

The coloured side – usually blue – goes on the outside, and the edge with a piece of wire, or something similar, in it, goes to the top, over your nose he said.

This side is water resistant. The masksBaker explained that originally, they were meant for medical staff to protect themselves from splashes during procedures.

These splashes could hit the outside of the water-resistant surface. mask.

The white side is more absorbent and should not be worn in front of the skin. face. This means that it would absorb aerosols or droplets from the wearer.


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“They are colour side out like a raincoat. The white side is absorbent, a bit like a nappy,”Baker said.

“They vary hugely in price and quality.

“The main problem with them is the fit isn’t great. So if you’re in a room with aerosols you will be sucking the air in around the side of the mask,”Baker said.

Auckland’s Ponsonby Rd (file pic)

Fiona Goodall/Getty Images

Auckland’s Ponsonby Rd (file pic)

“Also if you fire out an aerosol, it won’t all get absorbed by the mask, quite a bit will go out of the side.”

The wire piece at one edge of the a mask went over the wearer’s nose, Baker said. “That’s very important to improve the fit of the mask over your nose.”

If masksIf worn correctly, they could save lives and provide protection that complements vaccines.

Baker believed in a national maskStrategy was necessary, including clear guidelines. masksShould be worn in which situations

Protective masks must also meet a minimum standard. “We need a consistently high standard for all masks sold.”

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