Chemo with Style is a program that empowers Orangeburg women living with cancer

The program takes place on Thursday at 4:30 pm at the Mabry Cancer Centre in Orangeburg.

ORANGEBURG COUNTY, S.C. — Chemo with Style is a program at the Mabry Health CenterOrangeburg is a community that empowers women with cancer who have lost hair from chemotherapy.

Mozell William has been receiving care at Mabry Care Center from June.

“When I first heard that I have cancer, I was gonna let my brother cut my hair. But then my sister said, no let it fall out. I said whatever God decide, I’m with it. I won’t be angry,”Williams.

This program is designed to foster a sense of community among patients with cancer. Women will be provided with tailored wigs, which can be cut and styled to suit their needs. 

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“In the world our bodies define us, the clothes we’re wearing and a lot of times for women it’s our hair and when you lose something like that, that defines you just to be able to help these women feel like women and feel beautiful,”Harriet French is the radiation therapist of choice.

She believes the wigs are one way to help women living with cancer feel in charge of their own lives.

“Oh I got wigs girl, I wear wigs yes I do. Because it’ll perk up your spirit to look good, you know,”Williams.

Thursday’s program will be the first in-person support group since the pandemic.

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“Really the wigs is just about giving our ladies some pride. Making them feel like even though things are going on around them that they can’t control and they don’t feel normal,” said lead radiation therapist Harriet French,” It’s to help them feel better about themselves, give them some hope, and to help them feel better about their journey.”

The class is completely free and starts at 4:30 p.m.

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