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Charlie Baker mum on masks in Massachusetts schools as medical experts and teachers push for face coverings – Sentinel and Enterprise

Gov. Charlie Baker is keeping mum on the mask policy in Massachusetts schools following updated guidance from the CDC and calls from local teachers and medical experts all pushing for face coverings in school come fall.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance from Tuesday states all students and staff should wear a mask at school in the face of the highly-contagious Delta variant.

However, Massachusetts policy currently says all masking and social distancing will be lifted in school come fall.

When asked Wednesday aboutThe school maskingPolicy and whether face coverings should be required, Baker simply said, “Considering.”

A coalition of over 200 Bay State medical and public health experts sent letters to Baker and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeff Riley pushing for universal masking in schools.

One ofThe letters, led by Dr. Natalya Davis, a pediatrician inQuincy, reads “Discontinuation of masking in schools at this point shows willful disregard of expert medical and public health opinion in direct contradiction of both the “American Academy of Pediatrics and CDC current recommendations.”

A second letter was signed by dozens more doctors andThis article was written by Regina LaRocque (infectious disease physician). andHarvard Medical School, states, Associate Professor of Medicine “Young children lack protection from disease, and vaccination rates among adolescents are insufficient to prevent outbreaks in school communities.”

Last week, Sen. Becca Rausch (D-Needham) also wrote a letter asking for the Republican governor to impose an a maskMandatory for schoolsWith vaccines that are unlikely to be approved forUse inChildren before the fall.

“The longer he waits and delays implementation…it creates space for further politicization of basic public health and safety protections,”Rausch stated this to the Herald.

Senate President Karen Spilka said earlier this week she’s inclined to support a maskMandatory in schoolsThis is what happens if “numbers keep creeping up and the Delta variant is still as prominent or more prominent than it is now.”

The MassachusettsTeachers Association also signed onAccording to the CDC maskRecommendation

MTA President Merrie Najimy said inA statement “The safest way to implement in-person learning and to keep students, educators and communities healthy and safe is to have all students and staff wear face masks regardless of vaccination status.”

Not all educators jump. onThe CDC policy is however.

Thomas Carroll, Superintendent of schools forThe Boston Archdiocese maskIndividuals will decide what policies they want. schools. There will be no maskMandatory for vaccinated students andCarroll said that staff are essential.

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