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Chapel Hill second-grader wears face mask for picture day :: WRAL.com

— Like many people, 7-year-old Ray Sanchez had to drop his plans due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Chapel Hill second grader was unable to attend play dates with his friends.

“Ray is a very social person and loves to talk to his friends,”Juanita Chavez was his mom. “He’s a chatter box.”

His mom said Ray has always had a big heart. Ray will not go to bed without telling his family members how much he loves them.

So it was not surprising that Ray kept his picture when Frank Porter Graham Elementary School in Chapel Hill had picture day. maskon. His mom said that he is particularly concerned about coronavirus and is careful not to get sick or spread it. virusOther children.

“He had picture day on a Friday, and when I picked him up from school, I asked him … how he smiled when [the] picture was taken. He replied, ‘Mom, I ain’t trying to get no coronavirus on picture day,'”His mother said it.

 7-year-old Ray Sanchez

Chavez said that when she saw the image, she laughed so hard.

“My son made my whole year with those pictures,” Chavez said.

Ray’s school picture was purchased by his family as a memento of Ray’s great heart. face.

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