‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episode 9: Oh Yeon Seo Learns About Seo In Guk’s Greatest Fear

“Cafe Minamdang”Episode 9 gets deeper as Oh Yeon Seo (Seo In Guk) investigates more people related to the case. The drama loses its soaring viewership rating as it delivers more twists in every episode of its mystery comedy series. 

‘Cafe Minamdang’Viewership Rating

For its ninth episode, Seo In Guk’s new drama garnered an average nationwide rating of 4.5 percent, which is a slight dip from its previous episode with 5.0 percent.

Despite the change in viewership rating “Café Minamdang”It is still the most-watched series in its time slot. 

‘Cafe Minamdang’Episode 9: Nam Han Joon launches a new mission to find gopuri

Episode 9 continues with Han Jae Hee interrogating Jeon Gyeong Cheol. However, he is determined to not speak up and reveals who was behind the incident.

It only shows that Jeon Gyeong Cheol was supported after he was immediately freed from his detention. 

Nam Han Joon, his group and Jeon Gyeong Cheol set out on a new task to get information. Their goal was to scare Jeon Gyeong Cheol into a difficult situation. 

Nam Han Joon did indeed use his shaman act as a warning to Jeon Gyeong Cheol. However, it seems that he doesn’t seem bothered by his warning. 

However, he used it as an opportunity for him to track his activities by placing bugs on his phone. 

Jeon Gyeong Cheol continues his bad luck. He sought help from the Shaman and was told that he must confess his sins in order to live longer. But he refused to tell him that he would die if any of his secrets were revealed. 

Nam Han Joon has another near-death experience

Nam Han Joon’s group explores more evidence by tapping Jeon Gyeong Cheol’s phone. They discovered that he was talking with someone who appeared to be influential and made a deal with him that he would keep evidence related to the female murder case in exchange for money. 

Of course, the group sees this as the opportunity to track the real culprit but was surprised to see Jeon Gyeong Cheol’s dead body. 

A Gopuri fabric material was left at crime scene with unusual writings used only by shamans. 

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In “Cafe Minamdang”Episode 9, Nam Han Joon had another near-death experience when Goo Tae Soo tried to kill him at the crime scene. Nam Han Joon now believes that he may be the Gopuri. 

Prosecutor Cha Do Won, on the other hand, spotted a mysterious man close to the building. Unfortunately, the man was not arrested after an intense encounter. 

He noticed burned marks on his arm that were similar to Nam Han Joon’s description of the Gopuri man. 

Han Jae Hee Understands Nam Han Joon’s Obsession With the Gopuri Killer

In “Cafe Minamdang”Episode 9, Han Jae Hee incarcerated Nam Han Joon because he was at the crime scene. However, if he participated in it, he could be released from detention. 

(Photo by KBS ).

Cafe Minamdang

(Photo : KBS)

Cafe Minamdang

(Photo by KBS ).

Cafe Minamdang

(Photo : KBS)

Initially, the fake shaman disapproves Han Jae Hee’s request to undergo forensic hypnosis, but the female lieutenant used her force to have him under the hypnosis. 

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Nam Han Joon shared the painful experience three years back with this. He revealed what he did before going to Han Jae Jeong’s home but was welcomed by smoke coming out of the door. 

He also shared a short memory of his encounters with Gopuri and was then asked why he continues to investigate the case. 

Nam Han Joon stated that he feared for his loved ones and those who are close to him to end up like Han Jae Jeong. 

Hna Jae Hee is now able to understand where Nam Han Joon is coming in. Will this be the start of the duo’s team-up to solve the case?

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