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Boris Johnson seen maskless in hospital as cases among MPs rise | Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson was seen without a mask during a Monday visit to a hospital. This was despite fears that Covid is spreading through parliament. 114 people have caught the virus. virusThe Palace of Westminster estate in the last month.

The prime minister was seen walking along the corridor of Hexham hospital in Northumberland, taking pictures with medical staff in light blue. face coverings. Johnson was seen wearing a covering and elbow-bumping. maskOther points

No 10 claimed that Johnson followed the guidelines established by the local NHS trust. Sources said Johnson was just leaving a meeting in which he was speaking. He was not in a clinic area and was being taken to a conference. maskSoon thereafter, you will see the next step.

Safety measures have been slowly reintroduced in the House of Commons and more Tory MPs are now wearing them face coverings in the chamber, though some frontbenchers – including the Commons leader, Jacob Rees-Mogg, and the chief whip, Mark Spencer – remained maskless during a debate on Monday.

George Freeman claimed that he had an a “bad attack” of coronavirus last week and faced difficulty breathing, so had been confined to bed on doctors’ orders. Five Labour MPs were reported to be suffering from the illness. virusThis figure is slightly higher than the Conservative side.

Opposition MPs accused Prime Minister of running scared from a debate in parliament regarding his failed attempt last week to save Owen Paterson (Tory colleague) from suspension for violating lobbying regulations.

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Johnson took a train to London from Northumberland and was unable attend the debate. A Tory aide “noted with disdain” that last week he flew by private jet back from the Cop26 climate change conference in Glasgow to make a dinner reservation at the Garrick Club with a close ally of Paterson’s.

Covid has been a concern for some politicians for many months. A memo from the Guardian stating the Covid risk to Westminster workers was sent to staff Monday, according to an internal memo. “had increased, and swift action was necessary as a result”.

It was confirmed that there were 114 cases “with links to the estate”Between 4 October and 5 Nov. After a meeting by the Commons commission this week, further restrictions could apply to parliamentary workers.

Jenny Jones, a Green peer, stated that the Lords were better at maintaining Covid Measures than the Commons. However, she said, she had complained that ministers’ aides still came into the chamber maskless. Jones informed the Guardian that the government was still in place “arrogant and careless”More information on the issue.

Mike Clancy, general Secretary of the Prospect union which represents professionals, including parliamentary staffers, stated: “The number of cases directly linked to the estate is worrying but we’ve been warning for some time that poor enforcement or observation of the rules, particularly amongst MPs, would result in a spike in infections. We will be checking the numbers carefully in the coming days and it may be that we need to recommend stronger measures than we have currently. In the meantime everyone should be wearing a mask and practising social distancing to protect themselves and parliament staff. MPs should be leading by example on this.”

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