Bogie shooting: ‘Real reason’ for neighbour conflict is revealed – as details emerge of Schwarz-Tighe survivor’s incredible escape

Daily Mail Australia can confirm that two neighbours were involved with a long-running dispute about a boundary. One of the neighbours shot three members of the family to death, and another was wounded. 

Amazing details about Ross Tighe’s escape from the police are now available. He fled the scene in his ute, raising alarm and even though he was shot in stomach.

Ross was accompanied by his older brother Graham and his mother Maree Schwarz as well as stepfather Mervyn to the Bogie property boundary in North Queensland. They arrived at their neighbours’ homes at 9 am on Thursday.

Detectives discovered that a 59 year old man had invited them to meet at their farms’ border on Wednesday night. 

The 59-year-old suspect, who has not been identified, allegedly pulled out a gun and shot all four Schwarz Tighe relatives. Ross was left with a bullet wound to the stomach. 

The alleged shooter should face charges Friday afternoon.

Ross miraculously survived his injuries. He jumped into his car, drove several kilometers to another property and alerted police. They raced to the small village to locate the gunman and three of the other victims. 

Ross Tighe is shown here with Kaitlyn, his partner. He is currently being treated for an alleged stomach injury. 

Police claim that the shooting took place after the Schwarz-Tighe family met their neighbours at a property border line.

Queensland Police locked down the area after his call and found Mervyn, Maree, and Graham dead on the Shannonvale Road property a few hours later. 

Graham Tighe bought the property with his mother and stepfather in May last year. He is pictured at a wedding

Graham Tighe and his mother, Stepfather, purchased the property May 2013. He is pictured at a wedding 

Greg Austen, Maree Schwarz’s brother in law and a councillor on Isaac Regional Council, said to Daily Mail Australia that the neighbours had been fighting over the boundary point between their two farms.  

He stated that it was a fence line dispute and has been ongoing since many decades. ‘One guy thought it was in the wrong spot. It’It is absurd. 

It is not known how it happened in this era. It’s not America.

Ross, a father of Kaitlyn’s 1-year-old daughter, was flown to Mackay Hospital. He was in critical condition. He was then taken to emergency surgery. 

He is currently in stable condition in the intensive care unit. He was interviewed by police on Thursday night.

Austen stated that he was shocked to see the feud escalate as he paid tribute for his community-oriented family members. 

He said, “When we heard about it, we thought they were playing silly in Collinsville, but we didn’t realize the severity of the outcome.”

Maree and Mervyn Schwarz died from gunshots wounds, along with Maree's son Graham Tighe.

Mervyn and Maree Schwarz, along with Maree’s son Graham Tighe, were both shot to death. 

Pictured: The block of land owned by the Schwarz-Tighe family in Bogie, in North Queensland

Pictured: A block of land owned by the Schwarz-Tighe family in Bogie (North Queensland). 

“They were a Christian family that was honest. They were a bush family that worked seven days a weeks, had beers on Sundays, and was well-respected in the local community. They were a typical Australian family.

‘Graham had an older family. They had a son, who was taken to Brisbane as he was a crook. He’s the first Tighe boy to be born. Graham probably only spent three days with his son.

Mr Austen said that his nephew in-law displayed extraordinary courage.

“Ross has two daughters, but he’s okay.” He said that he hasn’t spoken to him yet as he is three hours away. He indicated, however, that they were headed there. 

“Ross is a strong young man.

“To be there to witness the unfolding of the story and then to be able walk back to the car is a sign of real resilience. I’m sure he will never forget it.” 

Maree Schwarz's brother-in-law Greg Austen said Ross (pictured) is a strong man

Greg Austen, Maree Schwarz’s brother-in law, said Ross (pictured), is a strong man 

Pictured: One of the Schwarz-Tighe family's properties, situated on Sutherland Road

Pictured: One property belonging to the Schwarz-Tighe Families, located on Sutherland Road 

The family were long-time graziers who owned a number of farms

The family owned many farms and was long-time graziers. 

They had recently purchased the property were Graham, Maree, and Mervyn were found dead on Thursday. Pictured: Cows on one of the Schwarzes' properties

They had just bought the property. Graham, Maree, and Mervyn were found dead on Thursday. Pictured: Cows on one Schwarze’s properties 

Queensland Police Acting chief superintendent Tom Armitt announced the arrest of a 59 year old man. He is expected in court later today. 

Acting Superintendent Armitt stated that the man invited the Schwarz-Tighe families to meet him at his property’s boundary.


May 2021 The Schwarz family buy the 300-square-kilometre Bogie farm for $10million

Thursday, August 4, 2022

9am:  Mervyn and Maree Schwarz, and Maree’s sons Graham and Ross Tighe meet neighbours at the boundary lines of their properties. After an altercation, all four were allegedly shot. 

Ross escapes and discovers a nearby property where he raises alarm.

10am: After reports that four people were shot, the Queensland Police confirmed that they had sent units to a rural property. 

11am: Police say they have located the man at some distance from the property. He is being treated to gunshot wounds. 

Police have issued an emergency declaration and advise the public to avoid the area. 

4pm: Police confirmed that three people were killed at the Bogie property. 

Friday, August 5, 22, 22

 7.15am: Queensland Police Acting Chief Inspector Tom Armitt announces the alleged gunman has been taken into custody

He said, “I can’t go into details but I can tell you that there was an invitation for them there,”

“We understand that there had been a conversation the night before, which is why the parties met at the gate.

Acting Superintendent Armitt stated that the man arrested was a “long-time resident”It is located in the region.

He said, “He will remain in our custody, we expect to lay criminal cases in relation to this matter sometime later in the afternoon.” 

Police have released four of the five people that were taken into custody on Thursday night to assist with their inquiries.

Acting Superintendent Armitt stated two of those individuals were involved in a power plant. After hearing their statements, they were released.

He claimed that the three other men were his son, an older man of 59, and a female relative. Both were released.

Police claim that Ross was covered in blood when he arrived at Ross’s property to contact authorities. 

The only survivor of the attack was in a “very distressed state”When he spoke to officers for the first time. This confusion led to confusion when police tried to narrow down where the alleged shooting occurred. 

Police are still trying determine the cause of the tragedy. However, they stated that there appeared to have been some sort of dispute.

“There is not much I can give you right now. We do know that the parties involved in this case are neighbors, Acting Superintendent Tom Armitt stated to reporters on Friday.

“Some conversation between the parties resulted in a meeting of the parties at The Boundary Line in the early hours yesterday morning when the incident took place.”

Local residents claimed that there was a dispute between neighbours over boundary lines.  

The land is zoned for cattle breeding and grazing as well as farming. 

After only three years of holding the property, Mr. and Mrs. Schwarz bought the property. 

Property records reveal that Mr Schwarz and Mrs Schwarz (then Ms Tighe), purchased a livestock farm at Mount Abundance in Maranoa, for $1.8million in December 2013. 

The couple got married over the next eight years. Graham joined them in October 2011 to purchase Bogie cattle grazing ground.

The Schwarzes were the owners of several farms across Queensland. Pictured: The couple's Bogie property that they shared with her son Graham

The Schwarzes owned numerous farms in Queensland. Pictured: Graham Schwarze with the Schwarzes sharing their Bogie property.


Graham Tighe and his spouse celebrated their second child’s birth three weeks before the fatal shooting.

Greg Austen, Maree Schwarz’s brother-in law, stated to Daily Mail Australia that Maree Schwarz was taken to Brisbane hospital ‘because of his crookiness’It was only released this week.

Austen stated, Graham spent three days with him.

“He’s also the first boy to carry on the Tighe name.”

Mr Tighe’s wife wrote a glowing social media post to introduce their baby to their friends on July 11. Their toddler was beside her brother, beaming at the camera.

A friend commented in our comments section. “Congratulations guys, so happy to your beautiful little family (4 people)”

Graham Tighe (pictured left) leaves behind a young family, including a little boy who was recently sick

Graham Tighe (pictured right), leaves behind a young family, including a sick little boy.

Five years later, they bought a $2.6million farm to raise sheep and produce grains at The Gums in west Tara, Western Downs.

Ross had his second baby 18 months ago. Ross’s mother shared an image online showing her holding her newborn grandson with a beaming smile. 

Friday morning’s scene will be re-enacted by forensic experts who will continue to examine the region for clues. 

Police said Thursday afternoon that the steep terrain proved difficult to navigate, and would pose additional challenges throughout their investigation. 

The tragedy has rocked the small, rural community of just 200 residents. 

Many of Mrs. Schwarz’s friends reached out to her via social media to wish her well after word spread about the shooting.

One friend wrote: “Hope all are safe,”on the notice and tagged Mrs. Schwarz in her message.

Jan Clifford Whitsunday Regional councillor stated that “everybody know everyone else” in their little village’ and that the community would be a ‘devastated.

“To my knowledge, nothing similar to this has ever occurred in the Whitsunday area before.

“We are all deeply affected by this tragedy.”


Ross Tighe, a young father, is believed to have alerted authorities to the situation after sustaining a gunshot wound in the abdomen. 

The man was able to get to another home, which police claimed was’many, several kilometres’ away from the scene of the shooting at a remote property. He then contacted authorities. 

He was flown by helicopter to Mackay Base Hospital for emergency treatment. He is now receiving intensive medical care in a stable, but serious, condition.

Inspector Armitt stated that he could tell police that he had been shot with three other people.

‘We believe that the male was capable of fleeing from the scene. He was fleeing the scene.

‘Originally when the male person spoke to me, he was clearly in distress. There was also some confusion about the location of the shooting.

“We were able, based on what little information was available, to conduct searches and then we had to update the location of the incident based on the crime scene we located. 

Police searched the area where the wounded man was found and established an exclusion zone at a Shannonvale Road property where the shooting is believed.

The shooting was done on a large cattle property that is remote, hilly, and heavily forested.

‘It has taken a number of hours for police to search and clear the area, however we have declared a crime scene in the remote rural location where we believe we have located three deceased persons,’ Inspector Armitt said.

11.30 a.m., an emergency declaration for the area was made 

According to police, ‘investigations continue into the circumstances leading up the shooting’. 

“Police are currently conducting emergency operations within the area and asking members the public and planes to refrain from the declared location.

According to Acting Chief Superintendent Armitt, police are removing them ‘extensive property’And will continue to be there ‘as long we need our job’.

The police have asked all residents to avoid the exclusion zone, even though there are none. 

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