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Aldi launches incredible LED face mask dupe and it’ll save you over £300

 ALDI is the go-to shopping destination for affordable groceries, as well as home essentials, beauty buys and much more.

Lacura, a beauty brand that is sold in high-street supermarkets, has been a huge hit.


Aldi’s LED face maskThis is the designer dupe you won’t want to miss

But now there is another beauty tool on our radar, and it is Aldi’s Solas LED Face Mask, which is exclusively available to buy online for £49.99.

Aldi’s Solas LED Face Mask – £49.99, Aldi – buy here

The LED is very popular face mask from Aldi could save you hundreds on your skincare routine, as it costs just under £50 online.

LED face masksThey have become extremely popular in recent years and are always in high demand around Fashion Week and the awards season. It is a cult skincare product that prepares celebrities for red carpet events.

Kourtney Kim Kardashian, Salmahayek, Victoria Beckham and Salma Hayek are just some of the A-listers that rely on light therapy for radiant skin.

The face mask offers users a red, blue and green light therapy to combat all their skin needs


The face maskTo combat all skin problems, users can use a combination of red, blue, and green light therapyCredit: ALDI

Luxury brands are well-known for their LED lights. masksDr. Dennis Gross, Current Body SkinGym, SkinGym, and No7 are just a few of the many.

The designer will however use an LED. face masks retail for over £175, with some costing £349.

For those looking for a less expensive alternative to celebrity-approved skincare treatments, you’re in the right place.

Aldi Solas LED Face mask retails for a fraction of the price of its designer counterparts, and can save you almost £300 in some cases.

It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, simulates collagen, improves hyperpigmentation and brown spot, as well as reddens for a youthful skin. This is all we want in skincare.

The LED maskThe light therapy penetrates the skin deep, targeting all layers. It also stimulates collagen production.

The kit comes with the LED face mask, an adaptor, USB, as well as control and travel bag all for £49.99 - bargain!


The kit includes the LED face mask, an adaptor, USB, as well as control and travel bag all for £49.99 – bargain!Credit: ALDI

This design includes three wavelengths of light: the red wavelength is 624mm in length, the blue wavelength is 468mm and the green wavelength is 525mm.

The red light increases blood circulation and collagen, smoothing out fine lines. Meanwhile, the blue light targets breakouts and skin problems, while the green target anti-aging processes.

Aldi’s complete set includes the LED face maskSoft silicone makes this bag. It includes an adaptor, USB cable and a control.

All you have to charge is the face maskYou can use this product for up to four hours. Apply it to clean skin. Then, relax and enjoy the benefits of the lotion. face maskIt works its magic.

Relaxing is a great way to think about all the special treats you could get if you’ve saved hundreds of Pounds.

Aldi’s Solas LED Face Mask – £49.99, Aldi – buy here

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