After the sudden closure of the Milton Keynes wedding dress shop, brides panicked.

Rhian, the owner of New Beginnings Bridal Boutique made an apology via social networking.

She said the closure was due to the death of her mum – her business partner- earlier this year, together with her own health problems.

She also promised to honor all wedding orders.

Brides worry about ruining their big day

Brides-to – who ordered dresses – claim they were told something different.

They have created a Facebook Group called ‘Brides of New Beginnings Help Group’There are currently 146 members.

They claim some women don’t know what has happened. dress they ordered and partly paid for, while others say they have been told they are not eligible for a refund – even though they have not received their wedding dress.

One said: “I’m absolutely devastated… I paid in full and I get married in 12 weeks. I can’t afford just to go and buy another dress after shelling out £1,300 on this one.”

Another thought: “Please do not recommend New Beginnings Bridal in Newport Pagnell as they have my £800, will not respond, no refund, not paid the designer and I have NO wedding dress. The bank are investigating but as its been 120days chances are I will not get a penny back.”

A third wrote: “They are not their to answer the phone and do not respond to messages. Loads of brides left without dresses. I know they have shut. More worrying that my dress is not being made as she has not paid for it. The designers said they can make my dress but I have to pay again.”

New Beginnings was contacted by The Citizen. It advertises online that it is open for business. Website. The phone number and email address were not returned.

We finally reached out via Facebook to the company.

A spokesperson stated that some women claimed that they were being lied about by the government. “simply not true”He declined further comment.

The company has now closed its Facebook page.

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