According to Letterboxd, the Best Non-Harry Potter Movies by Daniel Radcliffe

Everyone knows Daniel Radcliffe as The Boy Who Lived in Harry Potter, but there are many other iconic roles that the actor has played. His versatility as an actor can be seen in his diverse acting performances. He also had the chance to develop from Harry Potter, the image most people associate with him.

We ranked Harry Potter’s best movies, non-Harry Potter, based on their Letterboxd ratings. Each one is available for you to view and choose the best. Daniel RadcliffeMovie to binge-watch this weekend

Victor Frankenstein (2015) – 2.5

Victor Frankenstein Daniel Radcliffe

Victor Frankenstein is a beloved Mary Shelley tale that tells the story of two friends, Victor McAvoy (James McAvoy), and Igor Strausman Radcliffe. They work together on a scientific project that would produce the most terrifying creature to ever be born.

The movie is a mixture horror, gothic and suspense. One would feel the modern twist of the classic tale with the eerie atmosphere created by the camera frames and stylistic lighting.

The Woman In Black (2012) – 2.9

The Woman in Black Daniel RadcliffeThe Woman in Black Daniel Radcliffe

The Woman in Black is a supernatural movie based on Susan Hill’s classic novel. As the title suggests, the woman is a ghost that Daniel’s character must faceHe was able to deal with her village.

This horror film, like Victor Frankenstein’s, uses suspense more than gore. It’s very unsettling and creepy, and you will be glued to your bed all night.

Imperium (2016) – 3.2

Imperium Daniel RadcliffeImperium Daniel Radcliffe

This is a crime thriller movie that is quite new to Radcliffe’s roster of acting roles. He plays an FBI agent that spy on a white-supremacist group in order to uncover their plans for terrorist attacks. The film is packed with action scenes and intense emotions.

His role is different from his usual characters and makes the movie more interesting to watch.

Kill Your Darlings (2013) – 3.5

Kill Your DarlingsKill Your Darlings

Kill Your Darlings, a dark academia film, follows the story of two members of Beat Generation. Radcliffe plays the role as poet Allen Ginsberg, while Dane DeHaan stars in Lucien Carr’s role. They both attended Columbia University.

Ginsberg discovered a new way of living, which included drinking and using drugs. There are many scenes and dialogues that trigger trigger warnings. Radcliffe’s performance in this movie was exceptional and a great way for him to begin his post-Harry Potter career.

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Swiss Army Man (2016) – 3.6

Swiss Army Man Daniel RadcliffeSwiss Army Man Daniel Radcliffe

Swiss Army Man tells Hank’s story, played by Paul Dano. Hank finds himself on a deserted island where he discovers a corpse (Radcliffe). He made friends and named the cadaver Manny. After realizing that he could use him as a Swiss Army Knife, the poor dead man became his survival tool.

While the movie can be quite absurd, it is filled with endless creativity. This comedy film has many funny and touching scenes.

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