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Whether it’s to jazz up a simple outfit – or add substance to an evening one once we start socialising again – a blazer means business, and can be paired with trousers or skirts, jumpers, blouses, even camisole tops.

Gingham adds an extra layer of fun to a blazer – and purple is one of the colours of the season, too. Coloured cord is also sought after, and Boden’s jacket in baby pink brings a slice of classic Americana to any outfit.

It takes some thought to choose a leather jacket. Think about the trousers, shoes and top you’re going to pair it with. You can also choose a classic, neutral colour for the blazer. Black is the perfect choice if you are unsure.
Lauren Cochrane

Buy it

Gingham, £40, onki.com
This summer-inspired print can be paired with a poloneck for winter.

Pink cord

Pink cord, £100, boden.co.uk
Colourful corduroy looks great with a white shirt.

Class Rings

Black Leather oversized

Black leather, £290, arket.com
With cropped trousers, an oversized style is elegant.

It can be rented

Burgundy silk

Burgundy silk by Dolce & Gabbana, £78 for 4 days’ rental from mywardrobe.com
Silk can be styled with wide-leg trousers and a camisole blouse.

Silver jacket

Silver, by Anouki, £25 for 4 days’ rental from rotaro.com
A simple black dress can be paired with a bold print.

Peach linen

Peach linen, by Theory, from £49.86 from selfridgesrental.com
It’s perfect for daywear and casual enough to wear for evening.


Striped grey pink navy

Striped, by River Island, £15 from thrift.plus
Back to school is a strong look – wear over a preppy V-neck jumper.

Green silk Double-breasted

Green silk, £38, allaboutaudrey.co.uk
A slip dress can be worn with double-breasted.

Brown Suede

Suede, £65, rokit.co.uk
This jumpsuit is a nod to the 1970s.

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