8 Best Beard Styles For Older Men in 2022

As we get older and become more distinguished gentlemen, it might be worth considering new facial hair styles to keep things fresh. The beard is the original facial hair style that has lasted the test of the time. Literally, cavemen wore beards long before man became advanced enough to have it.

While beards can be timeless, not all beard styles are. Some beard stylings can be pulled off by more youthful men, while other types just don’t look good no matter how old you are. If you’re like a fine wine or whiskey and getting better with age, you might be wondering what beard style might be best for you.

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There is a surprising number of factors that determine the beard that’s right for anyone man. When choosing a beard style, you should consider your face shape, jawline, thickness, coloring, and jawline. These factors are taken into account when creating beards.

The Heavy Stubble Beard

Older gentlemen with have sharp, angular faces don’t have to do much more than not shave for a few days to look good. The great thing about a thick stubble mustache is that it can enhance a thick beard. maskYou can have shorter beards than you would normally grow out. If you like a rich salt-and-pepper look, heavy stubble beards can also be a good choice.

The Short Boxed Beard

George Clooney pulling off the Short Boxed Beard.

The shortest and easiest beard style to achieve is the boxed one. faceYou can be the shape you want. It’s a step above the heavy stubble beard. Still, it’s low maintenance, can vary in length, and is excellent at masking a double chin—if that’s a goal of yours. If you have trouble growing your beard, the thick stubble beard might be the best option.

The Full Beard

A smiling African American man with a full beard.

The full beard is a great option for older men if you have patience and beard thickness. It may seem easy to grow your beard long, but the long beard is flexible enough to allow for many styling options. Keep in mind that if your beard contains a lot of gray, the full beard can age you dramatically, if you’re worried about that sort of thing.

The Old Dutch/Verdi

Man with blond hair and a long red beard, standing outdoors on a sunny day.

These styles are a combination of the full beard and some mustache extravagance. Both styles draw your attention to the thick handlebar styling of your mustache. The Old Dutch has a thick, untidy beard, while Verdi has a full, neater beard. The amount of time you’re willing to allot to beard upkeep will likely be the deciding factor between these two beard styles.

The Donegal Beard

Man with donegal beard.

The Donegal beard can also be called the Shenandoah spade beard or the Lincoln beard. Not to be confused with the chin strap (a beard styling we don’t suggest for anyone, young or old), the Donegal is a full or short beard sans mustache. While many older men who try this beard style look like 19th-century fishermans, others can do it. The Donegal is a great choice for guys with wide jawlines and soft chins.

The Ducktail Beard

Mel Gibson rocking a ducktail beard

Ducktail beards combine a full and short beard. The sides, neck and mustache are cut short while the chin is kept long. If done correctly, the ducktail can look great on older men. If the ducktail is not kept in check, it can quickly become a scraggly mess.

Fork Beard

Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz and his fork beard.

The French fork beard, also known as the fork beard or French fork, can be described as the ultimate power mover beard. These beards are another variation of the full beard and don’t really begin to shine until after several inches. Fork beards are more common for men with cleft cheeks, or those with less hair on the sides. You can train your beard to fork or use products that help. It is important that beard growers are respectful of it.

The Balbo Beard

Robert Downey Jr. and his Balbo Beard.

We love the Balbo beard, which is a combination of different styles and is one of our favorites. Balbo beards can be either long or short and feature a mustache that is not connected to the beard. The Donegal-inspired chin and jawline look similar to a Donegal, but they are not connected with sideburns. This beard style requires a lot of maintenance but looks great if done correctly.

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