73 Lady Gaga Outfits – Revisit Some Of Her Most Iconic Fashion Moments

Lady Gaga will be returning to the stage this summer when she kicks off her eagerly awaited Chromatica Ball tour. Her first show in Germany kicks off on July 17. Gaga will be performing new songs from her sixth studio album. Fans can also expect Gaga’s major performance looks on stage. After all, Gaga is one of the world’s most fashion-forward, risk-taking celebrities (remember the meat dress?). In anticipation of her tour, Vogue is taking a look back at some of the star’s best ensembles over the years—the best 73 of them, to be exact.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2008 with her critically-acclaimed album The Fame, Gaga’s fashion evolution has kept us guessing along the way. She’s the queen of eras—drastically transforming and changing her look with each album release. Gaga was a futuristic disco artist when she first started out. She wore pieces such as hooded bodiesuits and architectural dresses. This is the year she also introduced The Haus of Gaga to the world—her small creative team who would be responsible for her costumes, props, and sets for many years to come.

Lady Gaga became the flamboyant red-carpet dresser of the 2010s. Lady Gaga paid tribute to Alexander McQueen with a custom bosch-print dress, gold feather mohawk, staggering armadillo shoes, and a custom-made gown (she is fond of death-defying shoes). “I’ve always been inspired by Alexander McQueen—I think he’s potentially the greatest designer of all time,”Gaga shared her Vogue experience with us “Life in Looks”Video. That same night, she switched into her infamous meat dress, which was designed by Frank Fernandez but envisioned by her Haus of Gaga—complete with a meat hat and meat purse, of course. Fun fact: Gaga revealed in her Life in Looks video that underneath the meat was a corset to give the garment shape.

Wearing her infamous Frank Fernandez meat dress in 2010

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